Starter Media And Interviews After The DWTS Season 18 Finale, After Party Coverage, And More

Let’s get straight to some media, All!! First up, don’t miss a recap and some interviews after the show last night with ABC7.

You’ll be able to see more of these interviews at On The Red Carpet a little later. So, keep checking this link. For now, you can view Sharna and Tony talking on the Freestyles. On The Red Carpet also has new breathtaking pictures from the Finale.

Glamour has a little preview for what’s coming up today for some behind the scenes coverage. For now, see some pics with the judges and some beauty tips with Erin. More at this link at a little later.

Also, E News and ABC have some recaps and interviews as well. You can see the ABC recap below. As for the E News coverage, see this link. I’d embed the links, but, for some reason they mess up the site.

ABC US News | International News

Also, be sure to head to Pure Derek Hough as Heidi and I have been working on media, interviews, and screen caps for Derek and Amy. A new World News documentary featuring Amy and Derek can also be seen in this post. Check out how Amy talks of how dancing gives her freedom and why. A serious “awwww” moment.

Lastly, below is Henry of PopTVDotCom with some coverage of the Finale party arrivals.

Getty Images also has pictures of the cast. Note how Kym Johnson also made a showing. Karina, Cheryl, and Sharna look so beautiful as always too….

Ok, stay tuned for GMA coverage and more coming up!!! 😉 xx

ETA: Below is some more coverage from ABC;

ABC US News | International News

ETA2: Pop Candies has some pap coverage of the Finale After party arrivals as well.