Derek Hough Chats On DWTS, Utah, And His Move Live On Tour

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Good4Utah has a fun new interview posted with Derek Hough. I can’t embed it, so, be sure to see it at the link. Derek tells them about his tour coming to Utah and what he plans to do with his dad while he’s there. Amy Purdy is interviewed too and she chimes in. They talk on Dancing With The Stars as well. Below is a take. Be sure to see the link for more.

Viewers this season have watched Amy redefine “impossible” with Derek’s groundbreaking choreography, dance moves that Utahns will get to see up close and personal during he and sister Julianne’s new summer dance tour.

“Julianne and I are taking the tour to Utah and we are dreading it because of the altitude…” said Hough.

Altitude aside Derek says, even after 18 seasons in Los Angeles, on Dancing with the Stars, it’s Utah where he feels most at home .

“I really hope that coming from Utah, I represent it. I don’t know if I am or not, but that we are doing them proud,” said Hough.