Who Was The Better Dancer On DWTS: Nicole Scherzinger Or Meryl Davis?

One of my twitter followers private messaged me about this topic taking place at the Dancing With The Stars discussion area and it also showed up in one of my searches. I thought this might make a fun topic for us too. Question: Who was the better dancer: Nicole Scherzinger or Meryl Davis? Also (and I had to throw this question in too), which were your favorite dances for each?

I think Nicole was the better dancer hands down. Meryl’s Tango with Val was brilliant in my opinion and her Tango and Freestyle took my breath away with Maks. However, most of her other dances felt weak to me in some way. They didn’t give me that “moment”..and especially the faster dances when she had to move her hips. As for Nicole, it seemed there wasn’t one dance she couldn’t master. Every week, she came out full of intensity for with something to prove for each. My favorite dances for Nicole were Argentine Tango, the Paso Doble, the Jive, and the freestyle.