Mark Ballas Talks On DWTS, New Album, Touring, And Get My Name

Mark Ballas talked with Ralphie Tonight about this past season of Dancing With The Stars. He puts the rumors to rest about Maks and Meryl dating and how and why they dodged the question saying, “They’re just intelligent. They know how to play the game” (if only they knew how much respect they lose when they play games with fans like that). Mark also discusses his new album and his new “Get My Name” single below. More at the link including how he’d liked to jump on tour with a major artist. There is also an audio link of this interview at the link. Also, be watching TMZ LIVE as they should be posting a new interview soon.

“The day we put it out, it debuted at No. 24 on the iTunes Pop Chart,” Ballas recalled proudly of May 5. “I’m doing this all independently: no (record) label. So considering that, I’m really excited.”

The song is a fun pop track – Ballas croons over a bouncy beat infused with a bit of jazz. His “DWTS” cohort Derek Hough directed the song’s music video, a total throwback to the era of the ‘50s and ‘60s. “Get My Name” is the first single from Ballas’ forthcoming LP.

“This is the first full studio album I’ve done,” the singer said of the project. “I’ve done acoustic EPs and I’ve done acoustic stuff before, which has been a little more stripped back because I hadn’t had the resources or the access to amazing producers in the genre that I wanted to go into.”

That changed when Ballas signed a music publishing deal with Nashville-based BMG.

“(BMG) put me in the studio with some great producers like Jim Beanz, The Stereotypes, and then the producer that’s done a majority of my record’s name is Wizz Dumb,” Ballas revealed. “He’s Timbaland’s protégé; he works in that camp.”

ETA: To see Mark interviewed by Z100, go here. He also performs “Get My Name”.