PureDWTS Guest Blog: The DWTS Season 18 After Party On GMA And Pictures

PureDWTS reader Madison Taylor has written us a blog on seeing the finalists of Dancing With The Stars Season 18 in New York City on Good Morning America. She takes up close and personal…and sent us pics as well. This is a fun exciting (and “surreal”) read to say the least. Check it out. THANKS Madison!! Wonderful blog!xx

The DWTS Season 18 After Party On GMA
by Madison Taylor

Times Square was certainly buzzing with excitement as the flatbed float carrying the four final couples and dance troupe from DWTS season 18 pulled up to Good Morning America for the traditional after party! Suddenly the buzz turned to screams that could wake late morning risers in Brooklyn and then Boom! There was a confetti explosion…then there they were…

Now, I hate to sound cliché, but the only word that can truly describe what it is like to be there is ‘surreal’. After watching DWTS all season, partaking in the social media aspect of it and discussing it at work-it becomes more than just a “reality TV show”. You become attached to your favorite pros, passionate supporters of your favorite teams and truly touched by all the couples’ journeys which they share with the world on live television. Then you go to this after party and reality TV literally crosses your path in reality. Mark is taking what becomes the famous “group arrival selfie”. Meryl & Maks positively glowing, carrying their Mirrorball trophies, lead the victory walk. As they pass by, Meryl seems to be pinching herself to confirm that it’s not a dream- as am I after Maks (my favorite pro since I first saw him set foot on the dance floor in season 2) comes over and gives me a surprise kiss on the cheek!! OMG!! It’s been a week…and I’m still smiling=) Being able to congratulate Meryl and Maks in person and share this moment is almost unbelievable and absolutely fantastical! Derek is recording the entire red-carpet experience. Amy & Candace are all smiles greeting a full-house of fans. For many it was a big-time rush to see James & Peta arm in arm saying their hellos! It’s also quite moving to see the looks on their faces matching the look on the faces of the fans. It’s like everyone is for a split second on the same “Enjoy this Moment Team”. At the same time however, the dancers are doing some major mingling. Everyone was so real and so nice. You honestly needed a few minutes to absorb the realization that you just met Olympic champions, pop culture icons and some of the best dancers in the world. You just met twelve people that not only have you rather star-struck but that you genuinely respect and admire their talent, perseverance and example. Many autographs were given, pictures taken and memories made! It was great to see them all genuinely having fun together. There was no drama-just celebrating an exceptional season of hard work and outstanding dancing! At this point the four finalists go inside and talk with the GMA hosts. Outside, Artem, Jenna, Lindsay & Sasha entertained the crowds with some fancy footwork. The one song from the morning that sticks in my mind was “I’m so excited”. It was very apropos and a good anthem for the day. Every face of every person I saw was smiling and most of them were also on their phones sharing their good-morning-experience (I was guilty of that too). “Team clusters” could be identified by an assortment of creative posters that were made to showcase well wishes and congratulations! However, the true beauty was that there were no rivalries, no haters and no negative comments. It was also impressive to see members of the ‘Dance with Me’ family throughout the city excited and proud to be celebrating the big win and greeting and meeting “fellow fam”. While waiting for the final four to dance, the excitement in the air provoked random people to just start talking about DWTS or swapping pictures. Once the dancing began, although the stage was small and the moves were refined, the crowd was mesmerized. Every camera in Times Square was raised to catch every angle of every step! By the end, even the GMA hosts were grooving on the dance floor! It was truly a GREAT morning=)