Cheryl Burke Has Lots To Celebrate At 30, Makes Statement, Birthday Party In Las Vegas

Cheryl Burke has made a statement at her facebook page about the recent People article about conquering her weight issues. She thanks everyone for all the positive comments. She also comments on the criticism along the way saying, “I’ve had a very public struggle with the press and their comments about my weight for a number of years now, but I want to make it clear that this isn’t about them. Yes, I have been hurt by their criticism, but I’m only human. This wasn’t some drastic change I made overnight. I’m not caving in to the pressures of Hollywood, as some of you have expressed your concern that I might be, and I’m certainly not starving myself.” She continued saying, “It’s not about chasing a number on the scale, and it’s not about Hollywood. We will all face criticism throughout our lives, no matter where we live and what we weigh. So if you’re struggling with that, you’re not alone.” To read more from Cheryl, see this link.

Also, Cheryl is currently in Las Vegas. She’s holding a 30th birthday party tonight at the Tao Beach. Sharna Burgess posted this instagram below of she, Cheryl, and Cheryl’s sister Nicole who are already celebrating. Note that Sharna has a birthday coming up soon as well on June 21st. Beautiful! These dresses are gorgeous too! I just wish I could see their SHOES! 😀