Mark Ballas’ “Get My Name” Behind The Scenes Part 2: The Video Shoot

Mark Ballas released Part 1 “behind the scenes” coverage of his “Get My Name” video auditions last week. Now here is part 2 where he shows the filming the video. You can see Derek Hough in this too since he was the Director. Too fun….

ETA: There is a fun interview with Mark at The Bustle. Mark talks of how he created “Get My Name”, Dancing With The Stars, and more. Here is a take….

“Get My Name” is a catchy pop tune that has the flavor of a Justin Timberlake track with the soul and likability of Pharrell’s “Happy”. And the music video for the song, which boasts a glut of Ballas’ dancing peers and some retro costumes to boot, features a dance break not originally in the single version. And let’s be honest, watching Ballas cut a rug is half the fun of the single.

“Usually when we do records I come in [to the studio] with guitar riffs or a melody or a concept idea for a song. The day we hadn’t come up with anything for two days. We’d been in the studio, hanging out, thinking something would come organically. If it doesn’t come, don’t push it,” he said.