Maksim Chmerkovksiy Interviewed About Judging DWTS In India And More (New Pictures)

Maks Chmerkovksiy was interviewed on Dancing With The Stars and his new judging gig in India. The Pink Villa also asks him about his win in the United states and if he’s coming back next season to Dancing With The Stars in the US. He won’t confirm or deny. Here is more….

We read somewhere that you will not return on next season of Dancing with the Stars. Is it true? What is the reason for you not returning on the show?

I can neither confirm nor deny this statement.

What are the qualities you are looking for a perfect couple in Jhalak? What will be the parameters of judging them according to you?

My opinion of a perfect couple has changed in the last year because of the experience I have had on Forever Tango. I got to learn Argentinian Tango from the best in the world and these people are fascinating. What they taught me is that Argentinian Tango is not a dance, it’s a state of being and the way they approach dance is the idea of allowing the thinking of the audience as someone behind a closed door who you give a keyhole view to the inside of the room. You and your partner dance for yourself. So, whichever couple is able to get me to feel like I am behind a closed door and I get this little bit of a keyhole thing to look into and I am privileged to witness their dance…that is the perfect couple for me.

Traditional Indian style is so different. There are many styles but the Bollywood driven one is very showy and it has a lot of personality…it is very alive and very fun with a lot of laughter and happiness. It’s about what the couple preferred to show me and so I have to judge them on that. I can’t comment on a dance and say it’s not my cup of tea. I have to comment on a dance and say – You did a brilliant job portraying what it is that you wanted to do. But, here are the things that I think you would need to do in order for this performance to be better. And that’s how I approach each couple and which judge I choose to be. I want to be a fair judge – I want to be someone who offers advice and not only offers criticism.

You won the Mirror Ball trophy after doing 13 seasons of Dancing with the Stars, how did you manage to be so patient and work hard every time?

I never thought it would take me 13 seasons to win it. I have had unbelievable partners. I had people who were head and shoulders better than others. And this is how, the hard way, I learnt what this show is about. It’s not always about the best person winning, it’s about what the audience decide is the best dancer or who they like to be holding the trophy at the end. And you know what? That’s great – that’s what democracy is all about, that’s what power to the people is all about. I disagree with a lot of people’s choices but that must have meant that in the format of Dancing with the Stars, I did not do a good enough job for the audience to also love us, not just love what we danced.

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