Battle Of The 3rd Place Finishers On Dancing With The Stars Part One (VOTE)

You have selected your winner for the 2nd place finishers on Dancing With The Stars. Drum rolls please….and the winner is Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson!! To view the results, see this post.

So, now it’s the Battle of the 3rd Place Finishers on Dancing With The Stars! Like in the previous posting for the 2nd Place finishers, we’re going to break this up into 3 Polls (one poll for every 6 years of Dancing With The Stars) and then we’ll have a final fourth Poll in a future Part 2 post for the top winners of the first three Polls to see who is the ultimate winner in the Battle of the 3rd place finishers, sound good? Note: Before voting, consider everything from dance ability, the entertainment factor, to who made you feel good. Let us know how you voted in comments and on any thoughts if you like too. Ok, ready? VOTE away….