Maks Chmerkovskiy Interviewed On Showmancing, Dating, And Leaving DWTS

Maks Chmerkovskiy was interviewed by Access Hollywood today upon his arrival back from India. They ask him on who he’s dating and all the rumors that have come out. He refuses to answer and says it’s nobody’s business. Twitter and fans aren’t going to tell him who he can date (why were they trying to do so in the first place? Crazy!). With that said, they also ask him on showmancing. He answers that it’s a “happily ever after” storyline that everyone loves in the end (they do? I don’t! I just want the couples to stay real!). They also ask him on leaving on Dancing With The Stars. He says he’s probably not coming back as a “dancer” since he can’t get that “involved” again and that this last season “was the most he could give”. More below.

ETA: Maks added this at twitter (along with the Access Hollywood link): “I’m grateful for, and love the fans of my work…not of my personal life! Have an amazing day y’all ;)”

Way to go Maks! I don’t blame him at all for addressing his fans like that.