Derek Hough Dances With Jenny McCarthy And Sherri Shepherd On The View (Photos)

Aren’t these some fantastic shots of Dancing With The Stars Derek Hough? Yesterday, he made a guest appearance to talk about his “Move Live On Tour” with ssiter Julianne Hough. They also talked on his recent cover and interview in People Magazine and signing with Kelloggs to help promote their cereal and good nutrition. Derek also danced with Jenny McCarthy (wouldn’t it be cool to see her do Dancing With The Stars and she looks so good with Derek!) and Sherri Shepherd. What a great show. Note how Donnie Walberg (he’d be a great get for Dancing With The Stars too, huh Court?) and Rick Fox were on the show as well. To see more photos, see Getty Images. To see even more pictures, the full video of this interview, and lots more on the “Move Live On Tour”, see Pure Derek Hough.