Dancing With The Stars Wants Julianne Hough Back, Changes Next Season

Hey All! Be sure to read Cathy’s fan blog over at Pure Derek Hough. At a Question and Answer session at the “Move Live On Tour” Broadway show, Derek Hough mentions how Dancing With The Stars wants Julianne back for next season. There will also “be changes”. Derek also mentioned that he didn’t know if he’d be back.

Then he went on to say that they want Julianne back, there will be changes next season, and that he doesn’t know yet.

This would be so cool. I hope they can get Julianne (as well as Derek) back to dance as she is on fire in this tour to say the least according to all our reports. She’d be a great judge again too. Though note that Julianne has also mentioned going back to making movies when the tour ends. So, it’s anyone’s guess for what could happen?

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