Dancing with the Stars, Season 19 Premieres September 15, 2014

And that’s not all. According to an ABC Press release, Cheryl was partly right when she said that DWTS might go back to 2 nights.  Apparently there will be two special results shows (not counting the two night finale, I’m guessing).  I tend to assume that perhaps they don’t have other programming on those nights OR these two nights are a “test” to see if they like the numbers or not. :::shrug::: If it means we get more pro dances – preferably, choreographed by Derek and one of his SYTYCD buddies – I don’t care too much about the reasoning…

…unless they do something REALLY stupid, like a big, double elimination or some such thing. I guess we’ll have a better idea when we see how big the cast is. 🙂

In addition, there will be two special nights of “Dancing with the Stars Results Show” this season, airing on Tuesday, September 16 and Tuesday, September 23, from 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET. 


Monday, September 15

8:00-10:00 p.m.             

Stay tuned for more later. Maybe. 🙂

ETA: Regarding Spring and fall seasons, from Glamour, via DWTSGossip:

*Paul Lee said that Dancing With the Stars will continue with spring and fall installments. There had been rumors that it would be cut to once a year, but Lee said that “the plan is for two installments a year.” Lee also mentioned that he’s very happy with the pairing of Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

ETA2: And regarding Erin…from ABC News Radio:

Finally, Andrews wanted to be clear to DWTS fans that she still plans to co-host the show.

“I am going to have time for Dancing with the Stars. That was all part of our negotiations with them. In February when they came to us, I kind of hinted when I took the job, I was going to be on the Michael Strahan program, now more so than ever,” she said. “He works crazy hours on Sunday, I’ll be doing the same thing. I’m literally going to be going from the football field to the ballroom just like ‘Stra,’ he goes from the studio in New York to his show with Kelly Ripa.”

And look who’s playing reporter!!