Dancing with the Stars Season 19 – PRO WATCH!!

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Yay!! Everything has been so quiet on the DWTS front that I didn’t know if Pro Watch would be happening. But Lauren, in comments, said that Sharna and Val said at BWAT that they find out this coming Wednesday, so I figured I’d put this out there right now, in anticipation.

ETA: I haven’t even posted yet and I’m adding this update. Lauren had this to say in the comments on another post:  “Now that I’m out here’s what was said. During the Q&A section, someone asked them if they would be back for season 19. They responded they didn’t know yet & would find out Wednesday just like we would on GMA. If they weren’t back we’d see them “hanging at a coffee shop Thursday.” I was especially confused, because when I checked my calendar, Sept 4 doesn’t fall on a Wednesday. Then I checked out this site for any updates & saw this article. At the end of the show they again said to watch GMA Wednesday to hear if they’d be back.” ETA: @DWTSGossip asked around and Val/Sharna appear to be correct about Wednesday.

As always, it will be interesting to see who’s a pro, who’s troupe and who’s just plain absent. With a new executive producer, one never knows. Sure, he says he’d be crazy to mess too much with a winning formula – but he is a producer and may not be able to resist the urge. Of course, they could decide to clean house with all new pros. And yes, I’ve heard that some pros who haven’t been on for a while got meetings with the producers – but honestly, I think going backwards would be a mistake. But that’s just my opinion.

Then we have the pros themselves and what they’ve been saying. Cheryl’s been hinting that it might be time to take time off. Was she serious, or working on a contract negotiation? Hard to say. Maks straight up says he’s not dancing, saying that it’s a different show and it’s time for the more talented to take over. A couple of weeks ago, Derek said, “I have a few weeks before I have to decide” which certainly sounds like it’s up to him. I know I’ve said this before and been wrong (cuz Derek marches very much to his own tune, in terms of career), but I don’t really expect to see him with a partner – not after the wonderful, inspiring season he had with Amy Purdy. Not to mention he’s been on the verge of hanging it up for a few seasons now. Mark? I think Mark will be there if they find him a partner – it’s just good exposure for him, what with a burgeoning music career. Those four are the ones in question, for me. The rest I think will be there if they get a partner.

Despite what the pros are saying, I think they will do what they can to hang on to Derek and Cheryl. How successful they will be is another story. I think Derek and Maks will still be involved in the show, regardless, as Creative Director and Judge, respectively. I’ve been loving Cheryl the last couple seasons, but she hasn’t had any time off. Conversely, I’m not loving Tony (except as Leah Remini’s partner in crime on Extra) and he needs to take some time off, badly. If Derek is out, I think Artem will be taking his spot…or Artem could be taking the Maks spot. Sasha could move back to pro as well.

Next….the word of caution I hand out EVERY season: everyone who works on this web site is on twitter, we see what the pros tweet. I suck at facebook, so if it’s posted there I may miss it (Thanks, Karina). That said…give us a few minutes (20 or so) to post something before you come running to “scoop” us.  It’s terribly annoying when people do that. Believe it or not, it actually takes a few minutes to update this site. 🙂 If you find something out and it’s been half an hour and we haven’t posted it?? Scoop away. 🙂

Normally, I would give a larger word of caution such as: a pro saying they are “looking forward to” season 19 is NOT confirmation they have a celeb partner.  We need more than that. You’ll know it when you see it. 🙂  But this season, that statement carries a tiny bit more weight simply because they’ve been pretty silent on the matter. Relatively so, anyway.

The starting positions below are based on the individual pro’s status last season.

ETA2: A little birdie told me that Paul Karmiryan met with producers and auditioned prior to going on tour with Derek and Julianne. Yay!! Cross your fingers.

ETA3: According to Gleb’s wife’s instagram, it seems he will be involved in the show in some form. Troupe or Pro??

ETA4: Derek told George Pennachio that there was a “good chance” he would be back on the show. The question still remains, IMO, in what capcity??

Male Pros
Maks’ spot

Female Pros

Out for the Season
Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Likely out for good

Former Pros, Status Unknown
Tyne Steckline – Likely Out
Gleb Savchenko – Likely Out
Tristan MacManus – Pro on Strictly Come Dancing (UK)
Anna Trebunskaya
Louis Van Amstel
Kym Johnson – Judging Aussie version?
Lacey Schwimmer
Julianne Hough – on the list only because she didn’t rule it out like normal

The Troupe
Lindsay Arnold –
Sasha Farber –
Artem Chigvintsev –
Jenna Johnson –

Super Troupers, Past
Oksana Dmytrenko –
Kiki Nyemchek –
Nicole Volynets –
Ted Volynets –
Dasha Chesnokova –
Julian Tocker –

Potential Future Troupers??
Armen Way
Serge Onik
Tanisha Belnap
Marcquet Hill