DWTS2014 Derek Hough: “Life is a dance, but, it’s much more than mastering the steps”


“Life is a dance, but, it’s much more than mastering the steps. It’s pushing your boundaries, shattering your limits, and exploding in a breathtaking burst of light.”

Above is a quote that touched me while reading Derek Hough’s new book “Taking The lead: Lessons From A Life In Motion”. Isn’t it beautiful? If you want more, and haven’t ordered this book yet, be sure you do here. You’ll learn things on Derek you never knew before including the not so good times. I don’t know how Derek lived through some of them, but he did. Thank goodness!

Be sure you visit Pure Derek Hough as well. Several fans have submitted blogs, pics, and videos from Derek’s book signings this past week. Derek also took pics for a new portrait session while in New York City. We also have gobs of new radio and TV interviews to take in where he talks on his new book and Dancing With The Stars. So be sure to stop in, say Hi, and catch up with all things Derek.