Ballroom With A Twist Review From Lancaster, PA August 10, 2014 (Photos)

Our resident poet, Lois, and her friend, Kathy, saw ‘Ballroom With A Twist’ in Lancaster, Pennsylvania last weekend. Below Kathy writes all about their experience. Afterwards, Lois adds her thoughts too. You can also see a fun album of pictures at Shutterfly. THANKS GIRLS!! Much appreciated!!

Written By: Kathy L. Erdman

On Sunday, August 10, 2014, I had a the pleasure of attending with my dear friend, Lois Troutman, the 2:00 p.m. performance of Ballroom With A Twist at Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, PA.

We arrived at Fulton Theatre and were treated splendidly by the entire staff at Fulton Theatre. We had front row seats for the performance and believe me we had the best of views.

The show started with the director of Fulton Theatre welcoming the audience and advised that taking photos were permitted, but if you planned on doing so, please share on the Fulton Theater Facebook. The show then began.

The announcer introduced the cast, which consisted of finalists from American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and of course , the featured stars from our favorite show, Dancing With the Stars, Sharna Burgess & Valentin Chmerkovskiy.

The stage was set for an amazing day of song & dance.

Sharna & Val performed with such intricate detail and precision. Watching them dance live, as opposed to watching each & every Monday on TV via DWTS, was simply awesome.

After performing their opening dance, Sharna & Val, spoke to the audience and inquired as to how many fans of each show were there to support their favorite show. When they mentioned DWTS, both Lois and I stated clapped the loudest. Sharna & Val were very impressed with our interest in the show. I stated I wanted to dance with Val, and Sharna said, “Honey, you will get a chance in the second half of the show”. Val, also, flashed the Heart Sign to both of us. After speaking to the audience, Sharna & Val, introduced the cast of Ballroom With a Twist.

The professional dancers of Ballroom With a Twist, performed so many difficult styles of dance to remember each & every one is a challenge. I wish I had taken a notebook to write down the song titles of each performance. The dance performances consisted of the following dance styles: Salsa, Paso Doble, Samba, Hip-Hop, Contemporary. The dancers blew me away with the intricate styles and with each pose the dancers were able to hold. I was just so more impressed watching these wonderful dancers live.

The professional dancers included the following: SYTYCD – Alan Bersten, Jonathan Platero, Legacy and Randi Lynn Strong; DWTS Troupe Members: Oksana Dymtrenko, Julz Tocker as well as the following: CJ Bair, Amy Bennett, Ekaterina Fedosova, Allen Genkin, Patricia Kaniowksi, Alla Kocherga and Tony Pututau.

Some of my favorite dance highlights are as follows:

*​Dirty Dancing Tribute – I Had The Time of My Life

*​Country Tribute

*​Hairspray – You Can Stop the Beat

The American Idol Contestants, Vonzell Solomon and Von Smith were simply amazing & brilliant. Lois & I cannot understand how they did not win their respective season on AI.

Von Smith is a song and dance man, who should be on Broadway some day. He performed songs by Michael Buble and Andrea Boccelli. He performed two duets with Vonzell Solomon, one “The Prayer” was so outstanding that Von actually song part of it in Latin.

Vonzell Solomon, also, was simply brilliant. Her performances were full of energy.

We loved listening to both of them sing.

Sharna & Val performed many different dance styles, which included Paso Doble, Salsa, Contemporary. Watching them live, made us want to attend Dancing With the Stars in LA more than ever. Each of them are phenomenal performers, who can do it all. They are definitely the cream of the crop.

Sharna and Val were gracious enough to answer a few questions from the audience. The following are few questions that were asked:

​* Val – “When did you start to dance?” – Answer – Age 8

​* Sharna – Who is better Val or Max? – Answer – Well, since I am dancing with Val, I must say Val. The audience laughed that this point.

​* Val & Sharna – Will you be returning to DWTS for Season 19? (This was my question to both). Answer – Make sure to watch Good Morning America on Wednesday, when the professionals will also find out.

The second half of the show was definitely the best part of the show, as it was at this point, Sharna & Val asked the audience if anyone would like to come up and dance on stage with them. I, of course, was the first person to hit the stage. What a fun experience it was to learn how to dance the Meringue. At the end of the group dance, as I was leaving the stage, Val gave me a hug and kiss and thanked me for participating. I told him, I would be seeing him backstage after the show, as I had VIP ticket to meet me.

The show continued on with more spectacular dancing and singing. It was simply the BEST SHOW EVER.

After the final curtain, a group of lucky fans, who had VIP tickets were ushered backstage to meet both Sharna & Val. Meeting them was the ultimate experience as we both had professional photos taken with each of them. We had the opportunity to speak to both Sharna & Val for a few minutes. Both of them are so gracious and welcoming. Val told us that since we met both him & Sharna, we can now vote for them when they compete on DWTS. Both of us even got a hug from both Sharna & Val. They both agreed that visiting Pennsylvania was a wonderful experience. Val stated he especially enjoyed the food. I joked and said, “Oh, you like the PA Dutch Cooking”. Now after meeting them both, I have such more admiration for them both for all the training, time and energy they put into their dancing to entertain their fans.

After attending this #BRILLIANT #WONDERFUL #AWESOME #TERRIFC show, we only have one thing to say, “If you have a chance be sure to check out Ballroom With A Twist. You will not be disappointed.”

Note From Lois A Troutman:

Kathy wrote what we both felt in our hearts! This was the BEST SHOW EVER! I am ecstatic that we got to see a show of this caliber so close to where we live! I was even more ecstatic that I scored us front row seats! How did I do that!

Meeting Val and Sharna whetted my DWTS appetite to meet more pros! I could not believe that two of the pros I love so much, from the show I love so much, were within hugging range! Oh my, what a feeling!

We know we will be on the lookout for more touring shows. If we can’t go to LA to the ballroom, it was like part of the ballroom came to us. It reminded us of a Results Show with many dance numbers, plus musical talent. I co-sign that Von Smith and Vonzell Solomon have serious sets of singing pipes! I was familiar with them from American Idol.

We felt very lucky to have attended Ballroom With A Twist! We had a fantabulous time!