DWTS Season 19, Cast SPECULATION – Colton Smith

So, I saw this this evening and if it weren’t 3 weeks from the cast announcement (also known as just the right time), I would have thought nothing of it. But it is only 3 weeks to the announcement….

Colton Smith UFC

Colton Smith appears to be a mixed martial arts fighter who won UFC 16 – which means most of the pros on this show already know who he is. 🙂 But he’s really not the caliber of cast member they need to give them ratings similar to last season – at least, I don’t think so.  What do you think? Dancing with the Stars or something like Wipeout??  Survivor?

I had to put it out there just in case. Last time I kept something to myself was when I found out a Pittsburgh Steeler was dancing WEEKS before he was announced or leaked. 🙂