PureDWTS Season 19: What’s Happening With The Troupe?

This is an interesting new scoop from Kristyn Burtt below. She mentions that no one from the troupe of Dancing With The Stars has been notified to dance yet. It makes me wonder if there will be a troupe and if they are planning to do something new? I’m kind of wishing they’d do something new and be more flexible with it. Why not have a bigger mix of pros from the past (Gleb, Sharna, Anna, Dmitry, Kym, Chelsie, Lacy, Louis, Tristan, etc?), present, and new pros on it too. Keep us guessing for who might show up next every week. Whatever the case, I have to admit I wasn’t that impressed with the troupe last season. I was missing Gleb Savchenko in the troupe especially. What are your thoughts on the troupe right now? Let’s see what Heidi and Court think too.

Courtney: If I remember correctly, the troupe is usually the last thing that gets booked each season – I feel like we didn’t know the entire troupe until right before the actual cast announcement last season.  But it does seem to bug that nobody from last season’s troupe (minus Artem, who was upgraded to pro) has heard a peep from TPTB.  And considering that Gleb’s wife mentioned he would be back on the show in some capacity this season and then he posted this and this on Instagram last night, I wonder if TPTB are backpedaling on some deals they might have made. I think having the troupe has worked too well for them in the past for them to scrap it altogether, but maybe they’re cleaning house and going for a brand new troupe – all new faces that they could potentially see as pros in a future season.  Paul Karmiryan? More borrowed talent from SYTYCD? Pros from other versions of DWTS? Who knows.  If I’m being honest, I think the only person that’s probably worth saving from last season’s troupe is Jenna – Lindsay has just been stagnating in the troupe for a year now, and as I’ve said before, Sasha’s height is a very limiting factor despite his talent.  Then again, maybe they have every intent of resurrecting last season’s troupe, and are just in no hurry to do so – with a new executive producer at the helm, we just don’t have any precedent for the timetable on which these things might happen.

Heidi: I’m inclined to think that they just haven’t decided anything yet. They might see the troupe as something of an after thought. Is that callous? Sure it is. But it’s Hollywood. It’s a very callous business.  If they see a benefit to the troupe, they will have one. Will they have new faces? Probably, if the intent is still to have it as a breeding ground for future Pros. As for Gleb…if you don’t have a contract or something in writing for this season, it ain’t reneging. It’s business and they have to do what they think is best for their TV show. Are they right? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Sometimes they are horribly wrong. Is what they did to Sharna and possibly Gleb horrible? Of course it is – but it should surprise no one, because they are looking out for Number 1 and that means doing what they think is best for “the show”. Perhaps the others had people request them and that left Sharna out (and they already had some new pros in mind). Perhaps they needed a tall guy and they were interested in getting a more diverse cast so they hired Keo which left Gleb out in the cold – who knows? Let’s face it – they are looking for the next Derek, the next Maks, the next Julianne, the next Cheryl and so on. They have their own set of metrics (that we know nothing about) which tells them who the “stars” are…and who isn’t a star at all. I can think of two ways off the top of my head that are somewhat quantifiable, and there are probably more. If you don’t hit the “star” list reasonably quickly, they’re going to move on to someone who might.  For example, Henry was in the troupe and they liked what they saw, heard he had something of a fanbase, so they gave him a shot at pro. Now, maybe he’s out for the season simply because the mathematics of the celebs they have dictated that he be out…or maybe he didn’t ping the “star” bell last season. It’s really hard to say. But when it comes to the troupe and the pros, I think that is one of their goals these days…hence the announcement on GMA for the pros. That was a call to attention that these people are a HUGE part of the show. So… “Let’s test you out and see if you’re the next Derek or Julianne.” Silence. “Okay, let’s test that guy over there and see if he’s the next Derek or Maks…” And so on.  I mean look at the reality – we have two brand spanking new pros who were never in the troupe and one who was…and several people left out in the cold. You think they do that just to be mean or because it’s fun? Nah. They’ve decided on the pro cast, they might be looking for people to plug in to the troupe to look them over – and maybe Henry, Gleb and Sharna pinged the “star” metrics and will get asked to be troupe. We have to wait and see.