DWTS19 Tony Dovolani Says His Secret To Success Is His Wife Lina (New Interview)

Gossip Cop interviewed Tony Dovolani on the new season of Dancing With The Stars. He’s excited to be coming back and gives credit to his wife, Lina. He says he won’t quit until she tells him he doesn’t have it anymore.

…and plans to keep giving it his all, even though he says he’s no longer a “spring chicken.”

“It’s about showing people that just because you get to a certain age, it doesn’t mean you’re supposed to mail it in,” says the 41-year-old. “Still fight, still go out there and give it your best.”

Dovolani tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “The moment that my wife [Lina] tells me I don’t have it anymore is probably the moment I quit.”

“She’s my honest opinion,” he shares. “When she looks at me and says to me, ‘Honey, it’s time for you to step aside and let the other ones take it,’ then I’ll stop.”

In fact, Dovolani says “all the credit in the world” for his success goes to Lina.

“If I didn’t have a strong wife like I do, I would not be able to do what I do,” says the dancer. “Honestly, she’s the secret to my success.”

Lina and their three kids are based in Connecticut, and he spends 6 months of the year — 3 months at a time for “DWTS” — in Los Angeles.

“My wife is the most incredible person I’ve ever met. A lot of people say that — I actually mean it,” says Dovolani. “She takes care of the homefront.”

He goes on, “[Lina] makes sure that I do what I’m supposed to do, and [keeps] me real as well. This Hollywood life has never gotten to me because she keeps me grounded.”

You can read the full interview at Gossip Cop. He also talks on the kind of partner he wants for dancing With The Stars Season 19 and more.