Julianne Hough Interviewed On Judging Dancing With The Stars, Won’t Be Mean And Malicious

People interviewed Julianne Hough on her new role as a judge for Dancing With The Stars and why she decided to do it. She also comments on what she hopes to bring to the table. Note how she isn’t going to be mean and malicious. More below and at the link.

“My role is to encourage and be supportive, and to also be candid and honest and try not to beat around the bush, to be too politically correct,” Hough tells PEOPLE. “I want to give critiques so they can improve. I’m not there to be harsh or cause a controversy. I won’t be mean or malicious. That’s not who I am. That’s not my role at all.”

Hough, a two-time pro champ on the show, has served as a guest judge in previous seasons, but she felt the time was right to make it a more permanent gig this fall.

“After being on tour with my brother [Derek], it felt like time to move on,” Hough told PEOPLE. “I felt like I really reconnected with fans, and the people have supported me since day one. They have followed me from Dancing with the Stars to my other aspirations. It just feels like the perfect time to reconnect and be a part of where it all began, with my family.”

Julianne talked with E News too. Great interview…a must listen!

You can also see some gorgeous new pictures of her at the Daily Mail attending the US Open Kick Off Party.

ETA: Erin talked about Julianne in a new Fox interview as well…