Mark Ballas Discusses Julianne Hough’s New Judge Role

And he thinks it’s a great idea!  Gee, what a shock. Not.  🙂

Turns out, the pros – in particular, one who was so “wronged” by her – don’t seem all that worked up by Julianne getting hired.  In fact, this particular pro thinks it’s great because she’s actually won the show and is a trained ballroom dancer, unlike two of the other judges on the panel.   Hell, Mark wasn’t even sure if it was a full time job because, unlike some, he has a life. 🙂  I can hear it now – “Oh, they’re like family so of course he’s not mad.”  Ya can’t have it both way, folks – he was the recipient of one of Julianne’s supposedly controversial comments and he’s cool.

Perhaps some should take notes of a mature, realistic reaction…. Mark talks to Perez Hilton.

Also – listen to the whole video. Mark says he called the other day to figure out his schedule and the producers haven’t finished pairing celebs with pros yet. So, with the exception of those who might have gotten requested, they selected their professional dancers without them having a partner in mind. This seems very unusual.