PureDWTS Season 19 Mini-Spoiler O’ the Day – Sept. 5

TGIF, y’all – thanks for helping us to yet another strong cast announcement day yesterday…in my opinion, one of our best ever, just based on all the content that Vogue, Heidi, & I managed to crank out  😎

You know the drill, spoiler after the jump…have a great weekend, everybody! 😀

So how are rehearsals going so far for our two early frontrunners, Janel & Alfonso? Janel is apparently catching on very quickly and has already been working on her week 2 dance, which is jive.  Alfonso is “very serious and focused” in rehearsal, and while he too is catching on quickly and handling the choreography well, Deep Throat hopes his fun side shows through more on the show.  Based on how he was at the cast announcement yesterday, I don’t think that will be a problem 😉