What Are Your First Impressions In These Categories For Dancing With The Stars Season 19?

Ok, so most of you have seen the first interview videos, read the first spoilers, and interviews, etc.. Question: What Are Your First Impressions In These Categories For Dancing With The Stars Season 19: Biggest Surprise, Most Dramatic, Most Likely To Showmance, First Eliminated, and Real Top 4? Court, Heidi, and I will weigh in below with our answers and thoughts. We’d love to hear your answers and thoughts as well. Please join us in comments if interested.


Biggest Surprise: It’s funny as I’m kind of getting this “biggest surprise” feeling from all of the contestants in some way. Sadie is surprising me by having such a sweet personality. With a ‘Duck Dynasty’ connection, I was expecting “Bristol Palin” #2, but, I’m not getting that feeling at all. She seems to have a lively, light hearted, and sweet disposition.

I also think one of the biggest surprises we’ll see is how far Michael Waltrip and Randy Couture might go in this competition for their fun personalities. Though I think “promo” is key here for both. I especially hope Michael feeds his You Tube channel like we saw Nancy Grace do because that seemed to help her a lot in her season.

I wonder on Tavis as well as it could go either way. Even though he has a late night show and it’s going to be hard for him to keep up, he seems genuine about learning to dance. He also seems to be on a mission (look at those intense eyes)proving he can dance if he wants despite those he knew in the past who have been against dancing. He’s also been working out and he’s lost 20 pounds this summer. As Jim just mentioned to me at twitter, he may have a funny side too as we’ve seen in this new instagram posted by Sharna.

What about Keo and Lolo too? They both seem so passionate and Keo is full of wonder, excitement, and passion. I think they will make a big splash in some form. Same with Lea and Artem. Lea reminds me of Jennifer Grey!

Then there is Cheryl and Antonio. I think they are going to be full of fun. I hope Cheryl is cracking the whip.

Most Dramatic: Just from what we’re seeing so far, I’m going with Janel Parrish. She seems to have kind of a loud personality and I don’t think she’s going to take so well to any negative feedback from the judges, etc. especially when she and Val think they are going to win it right now. 😕

Most Likely To Showmance: Janel and Val!! Val won’t be able to resist himself and she won’t either …especially for how it worked for Maks and Meryl last season. I hope I am wrong.

First Eliminated: I think Tommy Chong might be the first to be eliminated since we’re not seeing a lot of connection yet with he and Peta. I am worried on Betsey too. She’s funny and I think we are going to love seeing her wild outfits, but, she seems nervous and insecure. So, I don’t know?

Real Top 4: Ok, I’m going with: Bethany & Derek, Alfonso & Witney, Antonio & Cheryl, and Michael & Emma. I just love Jonathan and Allison as well. I get a good vibe on them and she is brilliant. Then there is Lea and Artem. Could they make the top 4? What an interesting season it’s going to be. It could be a tight one. Good luck to them all. I can’t wait!

What do you think my Angels?


Biggest Surprise: Hmmm…I think I have a couple big surprises and I don’t know if I can pick a winner. I’m surprised by how much I love Michael and Jonathan. I think Michael will be the Bill Engvall of this season and I think Jonathan might turn out to be a good. Perhaps not good enough to win, but better than we might expect. And I just LOVE him. 🙂  My third surprise is Bethany – how can an 18 year old in 2014 be so down to earth and so not “typical teenager”? And she and Derek are just striking together.  Way too much gorgeous in one couple.

I actually like the whole cast (for now), including Janel.  Hopefully Val won’t make me turn on her.  But the fact that I like all of them right now is surprising to me. Usually there is one or two that I get a bad vibe from.

Most Dramatic:  Well, I think Betsey is pretty dramatic, but I see the potential in Jonathan and Janel as well. 🙂

Most Likely to Showmance: Of course, Janel and Val. Gag me – hope it doesn’t happen, cuz nothing will turn me off faster.

First Eliminated: Tommy Chong, unfortunately. I like him, man. 🙂  Of course, it’s possible that the DWTS key demo also remembers him fondly and he gets a one week pass, which means Betsey may go first.

Real Top 4: Oh boy, this is tough. Quite a few people with dance experience and quite a few people with good sized fanbases.  Despite her huge fanbase, I’m not sure that Bethany will make top 4. I just don’t know.  But this is Derek we’re talking about. That said, I think he might be due for a semi-final elimination.  I think the Top 4 will be Lea, Alfonso, Janel and Jonathan, with Bethany waiting in the wings to knock either Janel or Jonathan out of the top 4.


Biggest Surprise: Well I think my biggest surprise for the season was the fact that TPTB actually picked someone I’ve been campaigning for YEARS to get on the show (Alfonso), which shows me that they’re actually listening to the fans. Me gusta mucho 🙂 But in term of the partnerships – I think Michael was the most pleasant surprise for me.  I guess I just assumed (for no real reason) that he was going to be shy, bumbling, awkward, and not very invested in the show – but I kind of love how he’s embracing the journey with a good sense of self-deprecating humor, and seems to be getting along fabulously with Emma.

Most Dramatic: I always have a hard time with the semantics of the term “dramatic” – I always end up thinking of it as “overdramatic” or “melodramatic” within the context of the show, and it’s generally not a positive thing 😛 But I guess in terms of who’s going to put on the most dramatic show – I could see either Betsey or Antonio really laying the emotion on thick.  Antonio because he’s a soap actor and seems like he’ll really take to dances where he can play a “hunky leading man” like the rumba, tango, and paso doble; Betsey because she just seems like a colorful character that will reinvent herself for every dance.

Most Likely to Showmance: As for who will actively try to create one? Janel & Val, even though she has a bf – hell, same thing kind of happened with Chelsea & Mark in season 12: she had a serious real life bf, but that didn’t stop her from giving the impression of being “more than friends” with Mark.  As for who I think the VIEWERS will try to ship as a couple – I think it was decided before they were even announced as a couple that Lolo & Keo were the most likely to showmance.  I think Lolo’s got wayyyy too many walls up for it to actually happen (and I think Keo’s too decent of a guy to try and give the impression that their relationship is more than professional), but I think some have already romanticized the idea of Lolo the Virgin getting swept off her feet by the exotically handsome & dashing Keo.  Kinda feel bad for her – it can’t be easy to be 32-year-old virgin in the public eye.

First Eliminated: Probably a toss-up between Tommy & Tavis – Tommy because I think he’ll really struggle with the choreography and his fanbase might not align perfectly with the DWTS demographic, and Tavis because I think some are still smarting from the fact that they assumed Sharna would end up with a “much bigger star”.  Not really Tavis’ fault – I just think he was doomed before he was even announced.

Real Top 4: Hmmm…definitely Alfonso & Janel, with Bethany, Antonio, Sadie, & Michael duking it out for the other two spots.  I think Sadie will go far due to the fact that the DWTS and Duck Dynasty demographics line up almost PERFECTLY, and Bethany will likely also benefit from being a wholesome, girl-next-door type, as well as being paired with Derek.  Cheryl always seems to take her partners far further than we initially think she will, and Antonio is from the soap world, so he may last longer than we think; and I’m getting the feeling more & more that Michael will be this season’s Bill Engvall, plus DWTS & NASCAR fanbases overlap a lot more than you might think.