PureDWTS Season 19 Mini-Spoiler O’ the Day – Sept. 12

TGIF, kids! Only 3 days till showtime 😉

Song & dance spoilers (and eventually running order spoilers) here.  Rest of the mini-spoilers here.

How ’bout a lil bit of girl talk? More specifically, about Lolo & Sadie. Like Alfonso, Lolo is coming across as very serious & focused in rehearsal – not very big on smiling, and according to Deep Throat, “coming across a bit intense & Hope Solo-esque”.  YIKES! But she does seem to be opening up to Keo – slowly – and is thankfully not constantly fighting with her partner like Hope did 😛 Deep Throat attributes a lot of her attitude to her being an Olympic athlete – just an extremely tough, hard worker. She seems to be having some issues keeping her shoulders down when she’s dancing, but other than that, she’s moving decently well right now.

As for Lil Miss Sadie – she and Mark are apparently a match made in heaven, and their cha-cha is “super cute”.  With heels on, Sadie & Mark are about the same height (and she may actually be a tad taller – teehee!), and Mark thinks that the judges are going to be “impressed with Sadie’s hip action”.  Deep Throat says that Mark’s choreography style seems to suit Sadie well – very young & hip, and not too sexy.