PureDWTS Season 19 Mini-Spoiler O’ the Day – Sept. 13

T minus two days till showtime! Who are you guys most looking forward to seeing?

Gonna keep today’s spoiler brief – gotta go put in some OT at my 9-5 and then I’m gonna try to rest a bit before Monday’s premiere.Β  Be sure to keep checking Heidi’s post for more song spoilers. Have a great weekend, y’all! πŸ˜€

So yesterday was all about the girls – today let’s talk about two of the boys: Jonathan & Antonio.Β  Jonathan & Allison are getting along quite well, they both have a ton of energy and their jive is looking decent – there’s just one problem: Allison is almost a tad too energetic doing it, and it’s making Jonathan look kinda slow by comparison.Β  Seems like Allison could be the female version of Mark – sometimes tends to overdance.Β  But like Mark, I’m confident she’ll eventually find a balance.

And then there’s Antonio – he & Cheryl’s dance is “very sexy” and he’s looking pretty good, but he seems to be getting tripped up by the rhythm when he tries to dance it to music.Β  And unlike Randy, who tends to let mistakes roll off his back and just keep going – Antonio seems to get a bit more flustered & fixated.Β  Hopefully he’ll get over that hump at some point this season…