DWTS19 Going Into Week 2 Las Vegas Odds Discussion

What an interesting shake up at Sports Bovada going into week 2 of Dancing With The Stars. Note how they gave Lolo Jones 7 to 1 odds last week….and well, we know how that turned out. So, when you take a look at the new odds for this week, do you think the odds makers have it right this time?

Alfonso Ribeiro 3/2
Sadie Robertson 3/1
Bethany Mota 7/1
Lea Thompson 15/2
Janel Parrish 8/1
Jonathan Bennett 10/1
Randy Couture 15/1
Tavis Smiley 15/1
Antonio Sabato Jr. 25/1
Tommy Chong 33/1
Betsey Johnson 100/1
Michael Waltrip 100/1

Last week’s Odds:

Alfonso Ribeiro 3/1
Janel Parrish 5/1
Antonio Sabato Jr. 6/1
Jonathan Bennett 7/1
Lolo Jones 7/1
Sadie Robertson 9/1
Bethany Mota 10/1
Tavis Smiley 12/1
Randy Couture 15/1
Lea Thompson 20/1
Betsey Johnson 33/1
Michael Waltrip 33/1
Tommy Chong 50/1

My thoughts: I think they have the odds pretty correct. Though I am not convinced on Lea yet. I think they should switch her and Randy Couture. Even though Tavis had a great showing, I thought Antonio made a better one. As for everyone else, I think they are placed about right…for now.

Let’s see what Heidi and Courtney think and be sure to let us know on your thoughts too in comments.

Heidi: Actually, unless Val picks it up (and the judges start pimping), I think Randy should be switched with *Janel*, not Lea. Lea is a dancer and a very good one, even considering her age. Her only drawback may be Artem. Artem needs to choreograph for the US audience, not the UK one.  We’ll see if he gets there. I rewatched Lea’s foxtrot again and it was beautiful. I actually think they have the top 4 right, and the number 1 right. I expect if any of them have an off week the odds will change but I doubt that will change the reality. Hard to say. The youngsters don’t always get the votes. I would not be surprised to see Sadie beat both Janel and Bethany though because the girl is goofy and charming. Bethany is too, but she’s a bit quieter, I think. But…maybe that was just week 1. Derek knows what he has to do for her to stand out.  If he gets the idea that she’s not? Look out. 🙂  I think I would switch Tommy and Tavis as well.

Courtney: Hehehe…heavy is the crown, huh Janel & Antonio? Antonio’s drop in this week’s odds is particularly spectacular – here they had him as this big contender, and he…well, wasn’t.  Just like we said 🙂 And I wouldn’t rule him out as a possible early elim. And for all the boasting Val did on Twitter about how great his partner is (and for all the showmancing they did), Janel ended up looking just ok up against the likes of Bethany, Sadie, Alfonso, & even Randy. Those two have got a LOT of hard work ahead of them if they expect to have a fighting chance against some of the names I just mentioned. Still think Randy is better than they’re giving him credit for – he made a far bigger splash than Tavis, and yet they still have them neck-and-neck.  Michael is not a great dancer, but I think he’s got a better chance of sticking around than Betsey – people seem to be taking a liking to him.