DWTS Season 19 Week TWO!! Let’s discuss tonight’s show! (Spoilers)

Week two already!!  Looking forward to some dancing tonight. Hopefully there won’t be as many train wrecks tonight was there were last week.   Also, DWTS wants us to pimp the livestream so….you can view Lacey’s Stream on our site, if I can get it to work properly. 🙂

Once again, comment to your hearts contents, as long as you remember the show night rules.

  1. Our server gets totally hosed when people sit at their computer and click “refresh” constantly. Post a comment, then walk away for five minutes so that others have a chance…and so that Courtney and I can actually post on the site. 🙂
  2. THIS SITE IS NOT TWITTER. Do not post like you are on twitter. You get one warning and then I put you in time out. 🙂 We need context and content. Believe it or not there are a lot of people who don’t watch the east coast feed of the show, so they don’t know what the hell you’re talking about when you post a comment that says, “Boy, that sucked.”  If you want to say “____ and ____’s dance was not good at all, crappy choreo” that’s fine. That would be context. It is good. 😀  Remember, if you post five one liners in five minutes, you’ve broken rule number 1. 😉

Oy veh!! Big competition on all networks tonight. I’ll be interested to see if DWTS can maintain it’s Top 10 status.

Randy is hot. Hot, hot, hot.

I kinda dug the opening number but I was expecting more I guess.

Of course she can dance, Len!! She’s had training. I guess the ringers only get hammered if they’re dancing with Derek. Anyway, it was a good dance, but honestly I don’t think anyone but Alfonso should have gotten a 9 last week and I don’t see much 9 worthy so far this week.

Okay, I love, love Lea, but I didn’t think the Jive was as great as they are raving. I mean, she was good…but this is a lot of excitement. Hope it holds up for Bethany and Sadie.

Dammit. People were worried about Julianne?? Someone needs to muzzle Bruno. He’s really too much now.

7’s for Tavis?? Are you kidding me?? How was he better than Michael? And he talks too damn much.

Awesome job by Alfonzo, but I can see what Julianne was saying. It was too much like a funky dance and not that much like Samba.

Okay, maybe I’m just in a bad mood. I loved Beth’s routine very much, but I could tell she was hurt. The score was fine – but am I the only one who senses/smells dislike from CAI. That’s two weeks in a row that she’s barely holding back a bitch face.

SPOILER!!!  Someone is doing Paso next week!! Praise the lord, it is BACK!!

SPOILER 2 – We will get our first contemporary routine next week, and someone is dancing to a song from Ghost.

Ahem. Okay. Where was I?  I am seriously multitasking – I’ll have to go back and watch Antonio and Jonathan. I stopped everything for Tommy, who I adore. 🙂

You SUCK, Len! I’m calling it now. Sadie will make top three. Who she will be there with is the only question.  I’m hoping Bethany and Alfonso.  A 31?!?!?!  Are you kidding me?? They were totally robbed. Motherf@#ers.

I will also add, CAI doesn’t seem to like Sadie much better than she likes Bethany.  Better…but not much.