DWTS Season 19 Week THREE!! Let’s discuss tonight’s show! (Spoilers)

Looking forward to some entertaining dancing tonight. Note I used the words “entertaining” as opposed to “good”. 🙂  Again, DWTS wants us to pimp the livestream so….you can view Lacey’s Stream on our site, just click the link.

Once again, comment to your hearts contents, as long as you remember the show night rules.

  1. Our server gets totally hosed when people sit at their computer and click “refresh” constantly. Post a comment, then walk away for five minutes so that others have a chance…and so that Courtney and I can actually post on the site. 🙂
  2. THIS SITE IS NOT TWITTER. Do not post like you are on twitter. You get one warning and then I put you in time out. 🙂 We need context and content. Believe it or not there are a lot of people who don’t watch the east coast feed of the show, so they don’t know what the hell you’re talking about when you post a comment that says, “Boy, that sucked.”  If you want to say “____ and ____’s dance was not good at all, crappy choreo” that’s fine. That would be context. It is good. 😀  Remember, if you post five one liners in five minutes, you’ve broken rule number 1. 😉

We start this weeks discussion with some spoilers for next week!!  Hee. Next week is personal story/greatest year week – however they want to phrase it.  If Alfonso makes it through, he’s doing Jazz to “It’s Not Unusual” – apparently complete with the “Carlton” dance. 🙂 I, for one, can’t wait.

Another week, another female bump and grind. I was never so happy to see the male pros with Cheryl.

Votes and scores from LAST week?? Sca-rewed! I would guess Michael. Then they make Randy go first AGAIN and tell him he’s in jeopardy?? WTF – who let Conrad back in the ballroom???

Okay, I’m multi-tasking too much and I’m missing the show. Dang it. What I do know is that they called some scary people SAFE, including Michael and Betsy. This makes me very worried for Randy.

Beautiful dance from Sadie and Mark. Loved it. Very sweet. Love Derek instructing Sadie on how not to cry because “that’s what they want, that’s what they want”

A perfect score in week three? I smell a shocking elimination in about three weeks.

Holy s#£t!! Tommy!! Love him!!

Totally love Bethany and Derek’s routine, much harder than Janel and Val,… Still don’t think we should have a perfect score in week three. But I’ll take it just to make Val crazy :-). I was concerned Derek might burst into tears with the scores. 🙂

So, the final three standing were Antonio, Jonathan and Randy….

Randy and Karina were eliminated. Boooooo….