Carrie Ann Inaba Writes On Her Stand Out Performances On Dancing With The Stars Week 3

Carrie Ann Inaba has written a new blog at Parade. Her two stand out performances this week were Derek and Bethany along with Val and Janel. Carrie Ann also loved Tommy Chung. She also explains why she was harsh this week on Lea (I actually agreed with Carrie Ann on Lea. I think her posture needs improvement as I wrote in comments in Courtney’s Power Ranking post. I noticed this issue in previous weeks as well).

So, the third performance I’d like to talk about was Mr. Tommy Chong. I think I need to explain my Yoda compliment. And it was indeed a compliment. First of all, Yoda is a master, a soft-spoken, yet highly enlightened being who gives the advice that will save the world. He’s distinguished and masterfully skilled yet demure and understated, just like Tommy Chong was in his incredible Argentine Tango performance. There was an special sort of wisdom in the movements and a masterful skill that came across like poetry. He had a few tiny wobbles (but it’s difficult to dance in smoke on that stage). But it felt poetic on all level with a quality that words cannot do justice. It felt like we were having a chance to sit with a master … a wise dancing sage.

I see that some folks are upset with my scores for Lea Thompson and Artem Chigvintsev. There is no doubt that she is one of the best dancers we have this year. And I would say a true contender. She’s got sizzle and sass and all the right moves. However, she was not centered in her Cha Cha performance. It happens. Sometimes, especially for women in heels, we can lose our balance and since it’s a fast-paced dance, it’s hard to get our feet back under us. It’s happened to us all at some point. Her focus was not as razor sharp as usual and her posture could become a problem if not fixed early. That is why I pointed it out. So she can improve upon it. The performance as a whole was about an 8 except then she also had a few mistakes so I deducted for it. My goal as I said last night to Allison Holker is never to diminish or to discourage but rather to encourage improvement. Everything I said to Lea is with love and respect for very real chance to head to the finals.

More at Parade including pictures and fashion credits.