DWTS19 Week 3 Interviews After The Dance, Some Dances Revealed For Week 4, Special SPOILERS Included

Wow, where do we begin after a night like last on Dancing With The Stars? First of all, and in case you missed it last night in Heidi’s discussion post, Court tells us from our source that Alfonso & Witney have a Jazz for Dancing With The Stars Week 4 and their song is “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones. Too fun!!!

Now onto some new interviews and recaps with ABC7, Afterbuzz TV, and Access Hollywood (see below). Also, Glamour has some “behind the scenes” coverage and pictures. From these interviews and coverage, we learn that Derek & Bethany and Val & Janel have a Rumba next week. Peta & Tommy have a Jive and they are dancing to “Jail House Rock” (lol I can’t tell if they are joking or not about the song, but, so funny if true?). Alfonso and Witney have a Jazz (as said above). They are saving the “Carlton” for another time. Emma & Michael have a Quickstep. Note too how Karina mentions that her contract is up this season on Dancing With The Stars and it could be her last. *CRIES

ETA: Court just wrote on more intel. She added that Antonio and Cheryl have a Samba to “Love Would Never Do (Without You)” by Janet Jackson . I love that song.

ETA2: In a new Afterbuzz TV interview, Mark and Sadie reveal they have a Samba. More interviews added below….

Also, don’t miss a fun new interview with Ralph Macchio and Alfonso at E News that came out late last night. Alfonso talks of “The Carlton” and more.

Lastly, below is some PopTVDotCom coverage of some of the pros and celebs out after the show. They are so good to Henry! You can see Cheryl’s new boyfriend too.

More coming. Stay tuned and keep checking back!!! Be sure to keep checking Pure Derek Hough as well for more interviews with Derek and Bethany. xxx

ETA2 continued: More interviews….

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Be sure to watch Karina and Randy on The View if interested.

ETA3: Below are some new interviews with Extra:

Also, the ABC7 interviews are starting to be released. You can watch them at this link.

ETA4: Here is Val and Janel with People…

And isn’t this a fun campaign video?