DWTS19 Week 4 Peta Murgatroyd And Tommy Chong Rehearsal Interview

This is a fascinating Access Hollywood rehearsal interview with Tommy Chong and Peta Murgatroyd. We not only get to see them in action practicing for their new “Jail House Rock” dance, you can listen to Tommy tell on his connection to “Wolf Of Wallstreet”. Go Tommy and Peta!! Here’s to Monday night!

ETA: You can read a new Tommy Chong at TV Guide. He talks of what it’s like working with Peta so far, their tango, their new dance, and more. Be sure to read the full interview at the link. He’s a “hidden gem” for sure like Sandy commented.

What are you and Peta working on for this week?
Chong: The jive! [The theme is] “Most Memorable Year.” My most memorable year was the year I spent in jail, so we’re doing “Jailhouse Rock” — er, Jive. As soon as I finish this interview I’m on my way to rehearsal.

Are you nervous about doing the jive for the first time?
Chong: No, I’m not nervous at all. I don’t get nervous. I wish I did. Even the last dance we did, I never got it right until the time I had to get it right, and I think everybody else but me was nervous. I wasn’t nervous because I knew, I’ll pull it off eventually. … I’ve been onstage all my life, so it’s really hard to even fake nervousness.

You seem to be one of the audience favorites this season. Are you surprised by all the support you’ve gotten?
Chong: Not so much surprised as grateful. I’m not taking anything for granted. I’m not taking the fan support for granted. I think the minute you do that, then you lose. The minute you go in there thinking that, oh, you’ve got it in the bag, that’s when it’s not in the bag. So, every time I hear people tell me, you know, I’m supporting, I thank them. … Because I know the only way I can win is with the fan support. I can’t win just based on my good looks and talent.