A Sneak Peek Of Sadie Robertson’s Dancing With The Stars “Hunter” Dress

E Online has a cool teaser up about Sadie Robertson and her dance tonight on Dancing With The Stars. You can see a sketch of her dress. You can also view what her Uncles might be wearing since they are dancing with her too. Be sure to see everything at E Online.

The feathered frock was designed by DWTS costume designer Daniela Gschwendtner, and Sadie is going to wear it while rocking out to Pharrell’s “Hunter” on tonight’s show.

But Sadie won’t be dancing with just her partner Mark Ballas; she’s also going to be joined on the dance floor by her uncles!

Si, Willie, Jase, and Jep are all going to be in the dance, and we’ve got your first look at their costumes as well! Check out the camo they’ll be sporting, because of course they’re going to wear camo. What else would you expect from the Duck Dynasty men?