Karina Smirnoff Writes On Last Week’s Elimination On DWTS, Wishes Cast The Best

Aww, it’s great to hear from Karina Smirnoff before the show. She writes a new blog at People about it and her elimination with Randy last week. She also wishes everyone well going forward.

I’m just enjoying the fact that Randy and I got to meet each other through the show, and we got to work together. We got to create incredible memories and hopefully gave the show’s audience something to enjoy with all our dances.

I’m going to miss the fact that we would laugh at each other and then laugh with each other, the fact that he’s so positive and always optimistic, how strong he is ā€“ he literally is probably the strongest guy I’ve ever worked with ā€“ and how we found ways to tone it down. I’m going to miss the choreography, the costumes, all of it. It is a fun show. It’s one of those experiences in your life where it gives you the highest of the highs, but then it also quickly reminds you of the lowest of the lows, so you never get too high up there!

Going forward, I want all these guys to do well. I love them, they’re my family. I hope they kill it!

You can read her full blog at People.