DWTS Season 19 Week SIX!! Let’s discuss tonight’s show! (Spoilers)

I can’t believe we’re already at Week 6 – and we’ve had a whole bunch of mediocre dancing with a few standouts.

Again, DWTS wants us to pimp the livestream so….you can view Lacey’s Stream on our site, just click the link.

Once again, comment to your hearts contents, as long as you remember the show night rules. Some of you were VERY bad at this last week. If I see any repeat offenders this week, you might find yourself on moderation. I’m serious…the one line comments with no context were ridiculous. Use dancers names – not everyone is reading in real time. It was bad enough that Courtney couldn’t get on the dashboard.

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OKAY, our first spoilers of the night are that the Team Dances are next week!! And Paso Doble is on the table. 🙂

Feel like I’ve seen this opening dance before…like, every week. Gee, look how fast those male pros disappear.

Okay, Tommy is SAFE…while Janel and Jonathan are in jeopardy. I don’t expect Janel to leave tonight, but I do think this is a harbinger. Although…the DWTS twitter did tweet about a “shock”.

I guess they just couldn’t bear to give Jonathan ONE 9?? That was a pretty damn good dance.

Anyone still want to argue that Val and Janel aren’t playing showmance?? I mean it was only their whole package, after being put in jeopardy. Anyone ready to deny they aren’t trying to get the shippers on board? (Both TPTB and Val/Janel themselves?) ::::crickets::::

Got distracted and didn’t see all of Janel’s dance – will have to go back to see the whole thing.

Loved Tommy…Give him 7’s judges, I don’t think you’re getting rid of him soon.

Feel so bad for Cheryl!! Hope her dad is doing okay. Again, I’m doing too much, but the parts of Antonio’s dance that I saw, I thought the 7’s were pretty much on target.

I love Sadie! But her rumba was pretty lacking in hip action. I thought the scores were about right. So sweet that she started crying after the 10.

I also love Lea very much, but she confuses me. One week she dances great, the next week she has bad posture and is weak arms. And Julianne is on crack – Sadie is actually mopping the floor with Lea. And some weeks Beth is too. But she’s very up and down.

OMG – I love Leah R – calls Artem out on his constant lack of a shirt. 🙂 Scoring for Lea is about right.

Forgot to mention that Antonio, Sadie and Lea are all safe. I just saw Michael and Bethany heading to the stage on the backstage cameras. If they call Michael safe? Interesting night.

Okay, so Bethany and Alfonso are safe, as expected, and Michael is in jeopardy as expected.

OMG – that music for an AT?? Jeebus. Derek, on the Red Room camera looked nonplussed. But he clapped when CAI was kind.

Wow! Great tango from Beth and Derek! One little slip up towards the end – I blame Derek and that dress. I love Leah beating up Derek. I’ve often wanted to do that. 🙂

And Alfonso wins the night once again. Will he be rewarded? That dance seriously kicked ass. Whitney – don’t worry girl, you are well on your way to #1 female choreographer. You’re up there with Sharna and Emma, no question.

WTF, CAI?? Lay off the crack.

Okay, here we go. The Jeopardy couples are Michael, Jonathan and Janel.

Next couple safe is: Michael and Emma

Eliminated Couple is: Jonathan and Allison

Sad to see him go. 🙁

How did we do?

Heidi: I said Jonathan was going home, with Michael as my second choice.

Courtney said: Jonathan was going home, with Michael as second to last.

Vogue said: Michael was going home, Tommy as second choice.