Sadie Robertson Talks On The Team Dances, Her New Dance With Mark Ballas, And More

Be sure to check out a new interview at TV Guide with Sadie Robertson. She talks of how much dancing on Dancing With The Stars has helped her to grow. She no longer feels she has to hide behind her family. She also talks on her rumba last week. Below is a sneak peak on their team dance and her Paso Doble with Mark ballas.

This week will feature team dances. How’s that going?
Robertson: Yes. Because it’s Halloween Week, our team is called Team Creepy. That was not our original name, but that’s what it’s ended up as. It’s me, Alfonso, Antonio and Tommy Chong. A good group. We only get to have two rehearsals. That’s the tricky part. Monday night after the show, we practiced until 12:00 at night, and that was just for the pros to get the choreography. And then [Friday], we had our second and last rehearsal, and that was for them to teach it to us and us to get it all down. Can you imagine? It’s ridiculously crazy. It’s different for me because I’m 17 and it’s easy to learn, because I’m in school and I’m active and I can do that. But for Tommy, on the other hand, he’s in his 70s. It’s a little harder. So, we’re getting there. We’re having a little bit of a hard time, but we’re getting there. We all have to really be on our game, because if anybody messes up, we’ve just got to keep going.

And what are you and Mark working on for your individual dance?
Robertson: We are working on the paso doble, and the story line is that I’m a little girl that’s going through a cemetery — typical, right? — and then Mark is a zombie and he comes out of the grave and he’s chasing me. The whole thing is very Halloween-themed. I honestly think it’s kind of creepy, I’m not going to lie. I’m literally scared while we dance. Because he’s going to be dressed as a zombie, and I don’t do well with zombies.

You can read the full interview at TV Guide.