DWTS19 Week 8 Interviews After The Dance, Some New Dances Revealed For Next Week

Let’s get straight to the new media and interviews after last night’s dances. Below you can watch a recap and interviews with ABC7, Afterbuzz TV, and Access Hollywood for starters. Also, you can visit Glamour for some backstage coverage (though not sure if I’m going to keep posting their things anymore 😕 ). You can also see some photos at ABC7 and the Daily Mail. Note too that the couples have TWO dances next week one of which is the Trio dance (one star and two pros). Here is some new dance information that came out in the interviews so far…

ETA: The official site has released the songs and dances for the “American Choice” dance. You can see them here. Thanks to Jayne for the heads up!

-Derek and Bethany have an Argentine Tango and a Viennese Waltz. Derek describes the songs as “beautiful” (one has some power or punch).

-Val and Janel have a Salsa Trio with Keo and a Quickstep.

-Sadie and Mark have Emma for their Trio dance. They also have a Fox Trot for one of their dances.

-Peta and Tommy have a Viennese Waltz. For the trio dance, they have a Jazz. They picked Sharna to dance with them.

-It’s a Samba and a Paso Doble Trio for Lea and Artem next week. Henry is their trio partner.

-Alfonso and Witney have a Trio Paso Doble with Lindsey Arnold. Their other dance is a Fox Trot.

Other mentions: Mark and Witney talk about the DWTS Live Tour in their new ABC7 interviews! They will be two of the Pros dancing. Mark also gets to perform his songs on the tour. For ticket and scheduling of the new DWTS tour, see this link.

More interviews added below. Be sure to listen to them all to get more details. Also, more at Pure Derek Hough on Derek and Bethany including one of their songs revealed and more.


Afterbuzz (loving JC and Allison!):

Access Hollywood:




ETA: You can view more E Online interviews at this link.