DWTS Season 19 Week 9!! Let’s discuss tonight’s show! (Spoilers)

Once again, comment to your hearts contents, as long as you remember the show night rules.

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And Tommy and Peta have made it to the Semi-Final. Oh Dear.

I have to believe this means Lea is going home – but you just never know.

Alfonso’s foxtrot was just delightful. Wonderful. Loved it. OMG, CAI – you pretty much suck. Are you kidding me??

Okay, I thought Alfonso was slightly underscored, but I would have to watch it again.

Oh, yeah, I def want to see Janel and Val kiss because it’s so unique and different. :::rolls eyes:::

Lordy, Tommy was lookin pretty good in the package…

I just love tommy. He got tired about halfway through, but that wasn’t horrible.

Lea is still to delicate. Very pretty – perhaps too pretty. Not raunchy enough.

Fierce?? I don’t think so. But the score is probably about right.

Something felt strange about Beth’s dance – loved it, but something was weird. Perhaps it’s just so absurdly SHORT. They all are. Len was in Austria?? LOL. I sense 9’s across the board.

And what the hell? Derek is working some seriously ungroomed scruff. I’m okay with this.

So, Vajanel gets the pimp spot and everyone is getting 9’s or lower. Interesting.

Sadie is too cute. I swear. There were a few instances where her long limbs got a bit in the way, but it was a very cute dance. Loved it.

And Len likes it too – but thought it could have been tighter. I don’t disagree with that.

8’s?? Seriously? Good lord, if Janel had done that dance she would have gotten straight 10s. And yay, are they going last cuz they’re gonna kiss?? gag.

Janel is getting the “You did awesome” edit.

Ridiculously long time of them not dancing in an already shortened routine. And she just seriously stumbled, and got dragged by Val.

Okay, Julianne, you are on SERIOUS crack. REALLY? The fix is either all the way in or Janel is going home. She didn’t start dancing for a LONG time!! And Val dragged her at one point!! Best dance of the night??? Does anyone still think she’s not being pimped??? This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. They noted an actual MISTAKE!!

Bethany – no mistakes got 9’s. Sadie – no actual mistakes and got 8’s. Alfonso, no mistakes, got 9’s. Absolutely ridiculous.

Alfonso just did a perfect Paso. Let’s see if he actually rates a perfect score. That was amazing. Whitney is turning into one hell of a choreographer.

Now they got something right. You want to tell me that Janel’s quickstep was only two points down from that?? As if.

Tommy makes me laugh so hard. That was just so silly and funny. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared he might break something.

Lea’s Trio was massively improved over her first dance, IMO. Well done for her.

Wow. That was intense. I dug it.

Let me guess…a kiss and a mistake get 10’s yet a pretty flawless AT will get all 9’s. A dance with noted mistakes gets called best dance of the night by CAI and she nitpicks a superior (in every way) dance.

Wow…that was some beautiful choreography from Mark. Sadie had an obvious mistake at the end but she covered it well. She better get a great score, if Janel can fuck up and get 10’s.

Yes, I AM going to harp on that for the rest of the night. It was disgraceful.

Okay, we’re doing some serious story boarding here. Two dances with VERY obvious mistakes have been scored as good or higher than dances with no actual errors. I adore Sadie – and she’s been underscored all season long, so I can forgive that a bit more. But man. This is getting ridiculous. Bethany must be killing it in the votes.

Again. Julianne says there was not a lot of content but she doesn’t care. COME ON!! Judge the damn show!! Either she’s going home, or they are desperate for her to get to the finale over Tommy. This is beyond ridiculous.

So, a woman who did a dance that had an obvious mistake and a dance that was lacking in content is at the top of the leader board with Alfonso? Yeah, that’s fair.


As everyone predicted, Lea is the one to go home this week.

I am furious. That is all.