Mark Ballas Writes On New Dances For Dancing With The Stars And More

Mark couldn’t be more proud of Sadie Robertson than he is right now. He’s also so grateful for Emma Slater helping them get to the Semi-Finals. He also writes about their new dances coming up….

It was a good night all in all. Truly coming down to it, I am so grateful to be in the semi-finals and grateful to all of the fans for voting for us.

I’m really proud of Sadie. I thought she really showed a completely different side of her last night. She was so elegant, so poised and so beautiful.

I’m really looking forward to taking on this week and hopefully making a dash for the finals. I’m so incredibly proud of Sadie and really happy to be here again. This week is plugged un-plugged where we dance to the same song twice, but two different versions of the song.

We have the quick step and the argentine tango. Hopefully these two styles will be great with Sadie. We’re looking forward to competing and hopefully taking it all the way!

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