PureDWTS 19 Semi-Finals Numerology Predictions: “It’s This Tight”

Hi All! DonaMadrina is back with her seasonal Numerology Predictions and Analysis and she outdid herself. Read on to see what I mean. This is fascinating….and talk about a tight call this time. Be sure to let us know what you think in comments.

“It’s This Tight”
by Donamadrina
If you’ve been reading PureDWTS for a while now, you know that it’s a tradition for Vogue and I to take a look at which couples have the best chance of winning Dancing With the Stars based on astrology and numerology – and, hey, we’ve got a good record too – so far. 🙂 I’m going to start the thrust this week with a look at the numerology of the final five couples, and then both Vogue and I will look at the final four next week.

Each season seems to get tougher to predict. (Gosh, why is that?) However, even the professionals who do this all the time seem to be having a problem. If you take a look at the Las Vegas odds throughout the season, you will notice that the odds for the final 3-4 have fluctuated tremendously. Most of the odds makers have Alfonso winning, but will he? BING, the search engine, has projected Sadie and Mark as the winners based on video views and searches. Another source projects that it will be Janel and Val. So who will it be?

Well, let’s take a look at which couples may be in the final 4, though if you’ve been reading Heidi’s Dancing By the Numbers, it may seem a bit obvious. For now, let’s see if numerology confirms what Heidi sees from the math. How does numerology work? Well, that subject is beyond the scope of this blog. Let’s just say, it works. However, gotta admit that numerology is not an exact science. It takes the blending of many factors, and that’s where numerology becomes an art.

You will also note that each season I have never come right out and said who was going to win that coveted mirrorball. I’ve left that for you to determine, even though it may have been quite obvious. For example, in Season 17, it was obvious from the numbers that Derek was going to win. But, even I was a bit doubtful. I said to myself, “Is it possible he will win another mirrorball, back-to-back? A fifth mirrorball?” It was incredulous to me, so I never wrote it — but I did tell Vogue. 🙂

So with that introduction, let’s get down to business. Below are some charts, and as usual, I provide a code to help you follow along:

EXTRA SUNNY = a day full of positive energy – a super day
Good = a good day, but there is some duality to it
Challenging = a challenging day, perhaps frustrating day, need to stay focused

When looking at the charts, please remember that the lives of our Dancing With The Stars couples are more than just this show. So, when we see, for example, a “challenging” day, we need to remember that it may have more to do with their private lives, than the show. We just don’t know. And then, of course, with a person like Derek Hough, who welcomes challenges, a challenging day for him may not mean it’s a bad day at all, just a day full of the type of opportunities that he just so totally enjoys. ☺ Here’s another example of how to read a “challenging” day! This season, on Week 2’s results show, both Sadie and Mark had a “challenging” day projected. For them, that “challenging” day resulted in being placed in jeopardy. Knowing that the day before they both had EXTRA SUNNY we could have surmised that they would most likely end up being safe. This is where numerology becomes an art.

So are you ready for your “art lesson”? ☺ Here we go! Let’s take a look at Chart # 1 below. Columns 1 and 2 show how Monday, November 17, stacks up for each person, based on their Life Path numbers and on their Attitude numbers. Can you definitively determine our final 4 from this?


Having trouble? Let’s simplify things a bit by arbitrarily assigning a numerical value based on the following:

EXTRA SUNNY = 3 points
Good = 2 points
Challenging = 1 point

When we do this, what do we have?

• Janel/Val = 5
Sadie/Mark = 7
• Bethany/Derek = 6
• Alfonso/Witney = 5
• Tommy/Peta = 5

Hmmm. Things are pretty close, and not very decisive, are they? Notice that there are no EXTRA SUNNY days for any of the couples. So, let’s add a few additional factors. Head on down to Chart #2. Now, we have some EXTRA SUNNY days. Following the same principle, who are the couples with EXTRA SUNNY? Which couple has the most?


Let’s do this system for Columns 3 and 4. Here’s what we get:

• Janel/Val = 17
• Sadie/Mark = 16
Bethany/Derek = 18
• Alfonso/Witney = 16
• Tommy/Peta = 14

Things seem a bit more obvious, right? But, just to be sure, let’s add up all the columns.

• Janel/Val = 22
• Sadie/Mark = 23
Bethany/Derek = 24
• Alfonso/Witney = 21
• Tommy/Peta = 19

To make things a bit more accurate, we can also assign a slightly larger number to the Personal Year, because in actuality, a Personal Year is more important than the Personal Month. The Personal Year is the matrix for a 12-month cycle, so far more important. Also, both Janel and Derek have the Master Number 11 for the year. In this case, let’s add a .5 to the number code in this column only. (We could probably assign more than that, but let’s go small.) Here’s what we’d get:

Good = 3 (3.5)
Challenging = 2

The numbers would look like this then.

Janel/Val = 26.5
• Sadie/Mark = 24
• Bethany/Derek = 25.5
• Alfonso/Witney = 25
• Tommy/Peta = 22

So, what do you think? Still pretty close, huh? However, in each of the chart examples, we do have one couple with the lowest numbers in all the sets of numbers except one. But have we considered all the important numbers? That’s the question.

And just based on this information I’ve given you, who do you see winning? Ahhhhhh! Can we determine that just yet? Perhaps, you noticed that the couple with the highest number keeps changing in our examples above. Well — no matter, we were looking at numbers for November 17 only. So — it’s a bit too early to project anything solely from this information. Next week, we’ll add numbers to help you project the final two – and better yet – the eventual winners. Hope I’ve peaked your interest enough to stay tuned! 🙂

Based on numerology by Glynis McCants. www.numberslady.com