Las Vegas Odds For The Dancing With The Stars Season 19 Semi-Finals

The odds makers at Sports Bovada have made their new predictions for the semi-finals of Dancing With The Stars Season 19. Take a look below and see if you agree with them and then let us know what you think in comments.

Alfonso Ribeiro 1/2
Janel Parrish 4/1
Bethany Mota 7/1
Sadie Robertson 15/1
Tommy Chong 25/1

My thoughts: It seems the odds makers have been a mixed bag all season, but, one thing is definite. They won’t budge on their choice for Alfonso Ribeiro being the winner. Although I love Alfonso, I’m not too sure he’s going to win especially with injuries plaguing him. I think it’s going to be between Bethany and Sadie who wins. I also get a really strong feeling on Sadie, but, I will tell you more on that in DonaMadrina and I’s Finals Numerology and Astrology post. As for their prediction for Tommy leaving this week, they are probably right, but, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Janel go instead.

Let’s see what Miss Heidi and Court think….

Heidi: Man, they do this every season – they should just hang it up. All they do is go by the scores. They might have Bethany right – would not be surprised to see her take third. But Sadie in 4th place??? I think that girl is going to give Alfonso a SERIOUS run for his money. She’s a natural, she’s extremely likable – hell, her crying last week made ME cry! I’m almost at the point of calling it Sadie’s trophy for real – but it’s too close. I would say it’s a three way race between Beth, Alfonso and Sadie and that Beth is a distant third in that trio.

Courtney: Alfonso WILL remain in the competition, and he WILL win. I’m willing it to happen 🙂 Ugh…even the oddsmakers are buying into the Janel hype. I can tell you this much: demographically, I think Sadie is annihilating Janel in terms of votes – I’d stake my life on it. At this point, I think Alfonso & Sadie end up as the final two, regardless – and I pick Alfonso by a slight margin, simply because I don’t trust the judges to not lowball Sadie. I think Janel & Bethany duke it out for 3rd & 4th – maybe Bethany with a slight advantage. I think it would take nothing short of a miracle for Tommy to make the finale.