DWTS Season 19 Week 10!! Let’s discuss tonight’s show! (Spoilers)

Once again, comment to your hearts contents, as long as you remember the show night rules.

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:::sigh::: Monday night football means I’m watching a live stream. Thanks, Titans.

Cutest opening goes to Sadie and Mark. 🙂

Boy, Sadie had me worried as she was all up in her own head, but man, she pulled it OUT. Great quickstep!!

For both Sadie and Bethany, CAI manages to sound disappointed when they do well. Ugh. And the underscoring continues. Seriously?? Why?

Damn, Tommy Chong, I don’t even know what that was supposed to be, but I agree with the roar of the crowd! Think he’s going home, though, just listening to what the judges are saying.

Two weeks in a row in the crappy spot for Beth and Derek. Kinda worried about this treatment, I must say. They’re still in “Pimp Janel at all costs” mode.

Derek and Beth’s Samba was super cute!! Lots of content! The song is awful though for the Samba – and they’re going to get totally hosed for it. CAI just hates the two young girls. Len of course didn’t like the fluffing about.

I can live with 9’s but I think they’re grading the song and the feel more than the actual dancing. Bad song for a Samba.

Okay, Janel got a bit out of sync and stumbled at one point, but I doubt it will be noted. But she did get a more appropriate song. CAI is definitely on the Janel train. Me, not so much. LOL to Len and his comment about Maks. Truer words were never spoken.

Honestly don’t get the raves – I thought it was a bit dull. But then I’m clearly not a Janel fan.

A perfect score? Really?? This is absurd. There just wasn’t much to that dance. Either she’s going home…or she’s going on tour and they need her to get close to winning. Seriously pushing her through to the top three. As of right now she’s 3 and 4 points ahead of Sadie and Bethany, respectively. I’m thinking the judges want either Beth or Sadie in the final – not both. Bastards.

Alfonso did a great job for having back pain. Hell, he did better than Janel, IMO. WTF, Julianne?? I think she’s sitting to close to CAI – didn’t understand what she said at all.

Damn, I’m a huge Sadie fan but I did not like that AT. The guitar was way too distracting and she messed up quite a few steps in the beginning. Got to agree with Len. It was a little too soft too.

Great job from Tommy and Peta! Wow. I’m really impressed. And he’s at 76!! Loved it.

LOL to Tom taking a shot at Val and Maks. Hehehehe….

Holy shit, Tommy got 9’s!! I guess he’s going home. Damn.

New Christmas wish – that Derek doesn’t do this show next season. This show doesn’t actually deserve him any more. It doesn’t deserve Mark either, for that matter.

Bethany’s package made me a bit weepy. Kids are so damn mean.

That was lovely. She’ll get hosed. Again, CAI sounds upset that she actually danced well. Idiot.

Happy to be wrong – perfect score for Beth. About to be totally ruined by another perfect score for the chosen one.

Much better dance for Val and Janel than the first one but still not perfect. It felt sloppy to me…and it was too short with Val playing the violin. Agreed with CAI for a change on the ungraceful part – too many lifts that she came out of roughly.

But I have to say that the unplugged is VERY hard for an Argentine Tango. Best one I’ve ever seen was Derek and Jennifer. I didn’t see anything in this dance that had never been done before, either.

Two 10s for Janel is, once again, ridiculous. But she’s only two points ahead of Bethany. That’s doable. Unless they’ve underplayed Beth so much that she’s not getting the votes. Sadie?? Could have a problem, but I think she’s beating Beth and Janel in votes, so I guess we’ll see.

Again, Alfonso does really well but you can tell he’s injured, I think. But still a great job. Whitney is really impressing me a lot this season.

And, as expected, Tommy and Peta are eliminated. They broke my heart by calling Janel safe first. 🙂