Carrie Ann Inaba Writes On The DWTS Finale, Believes It’s Anyone’s Game

Carrie Ann Inaba has written a new blog at Parade. She writes on all of the couples again for their strengths and weaknesses. One thing I don’t agree with though is when she writes that Alfonso and Janel are the best dancers. Maybe Alfonso, but Janel? Sadie and Bethany have been the better dancers in my opinion. Let us know what you think in comments.

However, the diehard dancing fans, the ones who want to see only the best dancers in it to win it, will be happy that next week, the final four will be Bethany, Sadie, Janel and Alfonso. Diehard fans are super-excited because this is going to be a close one. All four have the potential to win it this season!

In my mind, the best two dancers—the ones with the most polish and highest scores so far—are Janel Parrish and Alfonso Ribeiro. The two dark horses are Bethany Mota and Sadie Robertson. But this is an interesting year. Our social media presence has grown and people are voting and getting involved in our show in new ways. We have a broader audience now, a younger one to enhance our extremely steadfast family of viewers who have stayed with us all these years. (And I thank you for that!) We love our fans. They have become our family!

But the two dark horses have big fan bases that are younger and more social media savvy. This could make the finale interesting. In the past, we’ve had younger stars (Cody Lindley and Sabrina Bryant, for example) with incredible fan bases. Their dancing was worthy of making the finals, but their fans didn’t stick with them. This year, it feels like the fans are here! They are making their presence known. I see it in my twitter and Instagram feeds and on my Facebook and whosay pages. This is the face of the new generation of DWTS fans. Welcome!

More at Parade. Note that she says the judges have picked the Jive for Alfonso and Witney’s Judges Choice dance.

And how about this dress? I loved it and her shoes….