Numerology and Astrology Predictions For The Finals Of Dancing With The Stars Season 19

What a labor of love this project has been for both Dona and I for three weeks now. We’ve loved every fascinating minute, but, this season is just so tight. Never before in our time doing these kind of predictions have we been so conflicted for who will win Dancing With The Stars. About the time we would make up our minds, then something would tell us something different. Though give it up for Dona and her Numerology Predictions for Dancing With The Stars Semi-Finals!! Do you remember how she predicted Janel and Val had 26.5 points, Bethany and Derek had 25.5, Alfonso and Witney had 25, Sadie and Mark had 24, and Tommy and Peta had 22? Well, that turned out to be the exact order for their scoring this past Monday night on Dancing With The Stars. Cool, eh?? 😀

So, now it’s time for Dona to make her Numerology Predictions for the Finals. Below you will find her new studies. Also included after her studies is my new Astrology findings. That’s not all. We’ve also included a ‘Dancing With The Stars Astrological Mirror ball Scorecard’ and more interesting facts. Buckle up tight and read on. Hope you enjoy…

“Duality City” by donamadrina

Man, oh man! The semi-finals were exciting, weren’t they? And as the numbers showed last week, our beloved Tommy left the competition. Now, however, this competition has become tight, tighter, and tightest. We’ve got some really good dancers left. Honestly, from here on out, folks, it’s anybody’s game! Yes, it is. You will see why below, but with the information presented here, the fans of each remaining couple should feel — hopeful.

Normally, in numerology, when it’s just too close to call, which is called having “too much duality,” you don’t even want to try to predict anything. But, hey, this is the Dancing With the Stars Finale we’re talking about, and we’re all vested in one couple or another, right? So, even though there is quite a bit of duality, and the numbers are not as clear-cut as in prior seasons, let’s take a stab at it, shall we? If you’re willing, we’ll get started. Oh, but wait! If you didn’t get a chance to read last’s week post, you may want to start there, as there is quite a bit of introductory information that I will not be repeating here.

Some of you have said that this numerology is fascinating, but all so confusing. Let me help you. I don’t expect that you are going to internalize all the information presented below in just one reading. Really, I don’t! ☺ But here’s a tip for understanding as we go. Just look at who has the most yellow in the charts, and/or secondly, the most blue? Simple. Does that help? Hope so! Below is what those colors mean.

Compatibility Names1

Okay – with that under your belts, let’s roll up our sleeves. Here we go! To start out, I want to show you a brief, two-minute video. It’s from Season 4, when Dancing With the Stars brought in my numerology teacher, Numerologist Glynis McCants, to give her predictions about the possible winners for that season. I think you will find this fascinating – because as you shall see, my teacher was right! And – she tells us what to look for in predicting possible winners.

(If the video fails to start, click on the link under the video.)

Dancing with the Stars Glynis McCants Predictions from Glynis McCants on Myspace.

Did you watch? Pretty interesting, huh? Did you notice that Glynis considered which couples were compatible by their numbers, in other words, naturally matched or not. Let’s do the same for our remaining Season 19 couples. While Glynis looked at all 6 of the couple’s numbers, for simplicity sake at the moment, we’re going to just look at Life Path numbers here. Below is what we get based on the Life Path number of each celebrity compared to the Life Path number of their professional coach.

Janel = 3 / Val = 6 = NATURAL MATCH UP
Sadie = 4 / Mark = 8 = NATURAL MATCH UP
Bethany = 6 / Derek = 9 = NATURAL MATCH UP
• Alfonso = 3 / Witney = 4 = Challenging Match Up

Are you as surprised as I am that Alfonso and Witney have a challenging match up? Well, you can store all that information in your hat for now. We’re moving on to Chart #1.

Chart #12

Talk about duality! As you can see in Chart #1, all of the couples have EXTRA SUNNY’s on the night of the Finals (columns 1-2). That’s great, right? Yes it is, but – it doesn’t help us to do any kind of predicting! The fact that everyone has EXTRA SUNNY, except Sadie, gives us a bit more “duality.” We know that we have to eliminate someone! Do we have enough information to say that it would be Sadie and Mark? Take a look at the day of the Semi-finals, November 17, the day that people vote. Hmmm. That seems to show only one couple most probably safe, Sadie and Mark — the same couple that has the challenging number on the night of the Finals.

Look at the night of the Results Show (columns 3-4). We see every couple has at least one EXTRA SUNNY, but we see lots of challenging numbers as well. Sadie and Mark are the only couple with two EXTRA SUNNY’s. It’s tempting to think that that means they will end up winning, but will they? We already saw that Sadie had a challenging number where other couples did not. When we add up columns 1-4, we see that things are not very decisive.

• Janel / Val = 18
• Sadie / Mark = 18
• Bethany / Derek = 18
• Alfonso / Witney = 18

Go ahead and look over Chart #1 a bit more, along with its results, and store that information for now. Then join me below for Chart #2 to look at more data.

Chart #23

For Chart #2, as we did last week, let’s look at each person’s Personal Year (column 5). The Personal Year number sets the vibratory pattern for 12 months, while the Personal Month (column 6) is for the month in question. Both are important, but the Personal Year carries more weight, so we will add a bit more weight in our arbitrary numerical system. Also, while we’re at it, we will do the same for the Master Number 11, which is reduced to a 2.

The Master Number 11/2 Personal Year means that this is the year for stepping out of your comfort zone, the year in which you are motivated to achieve and create in a different direction than you ever have before. When this number presents itself in a chart, it is a time for mastering your world. Both Janel and Derek have a Master Number for their Personal Year. If you remember from last season how Candace Cameron Bure’s EXTRA EXTRA SUNNY continually saved her, that’s kind of what this Master Number for the Personal Year is like. Though it helped Candace during the season, it failed her in the finals. Will it help Janel or Derek be successful in mastering Dancing With the Stars this season? Are they our final 2, perhaps?

The code for Chart #2 is below. It is the usual code, however for the Personal Year numbers add a 1. And for our purposes, we will treat a Master Number like an EXTRA SUNNY.

Good = 2
Challenging = 1

Here are our numerical results for Chart #2.

Janel / Val = 10
• Sadie / Mark = 8
Bethany / Derek = 10
Alfonso / Witney = 10

Wow! Duality again! Sadie and Mark now have the lowest number. We just aren’t seeing any definitive results, are we? By the way, I might add here that the Year Number for 2014 is 7. Sevens are the number of spirituality, contemplation, and going within. It’s not a compatible number for an exciting event like the Finals for Dancing With the Stars. This just might be the reason for so much duality.

However, no matter what, there will be a winner despite duality, so let’s gather more data. I thought it would be fun to go back and review several concrete numerology examples for the past mirrorball wins of Mark Ballas, Derek Hough, and Maksim Chermkovksiy. If you read carefully, you will now see some specific patterns emerge. What we are going to look at is how compatible each couple was with each other, with each other’s Life Path/Attitude numbers, the Season number, the year of the competition, etc. Hang in there with me! I think this is pretty fascinating.

Mark won his first mirrorball in Season 6, and 6 is a compatible number with his Life Path number. His Personal Year was a 4, which is a Natural Match. The year was 2008, which reduces to a 1, and was compatible with his Attitude Number. Also, he was in a Personal Month of 9, also compatible with his Attitude Number. Kristi Yamuguchi’s Attitude Number was compatible with Mark’s Attitude Number, though their Life Paths were challenging. Some thought he and Kristi were shoo-ins, but that season they had close competitors in Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska, along with Cristián De La Fuente and Cheryl Burke.

Derek won his first mirrorball in Season 7. Season 7 is compatible with his Attitude Number. He was in a Personal Year of 5, which is compatible to his Life Path. The year was 2008, which is a 1, also compatible to his Life Path number. He was in a Personal Month of 7, compatible to his Attitude Number. Brooke Burke’s Attitude Number was compatible with Derek’s Attitude Number, though their Life Paths were challenging. With no natural matches in his numbers for that season, we understand why fan favorites Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson were close on his tail all season.

Now let’s study Mark’s Season 8 win. Oh, boy! Season 8 was a Natural Match to his Life Path number. The year 2009, which is a 2, was also a Natural Match. He was in a Personal Year of 2, another Natural Match, and his Personal Month was also a 2, yet another Natural Match. He was partnered with Shawn Johnson, with whom he also had a Natural Match in Attitude Numbers. He just couldn’t lose, could he?

Compare Derek’s win in Season 10 to that of his Season 7 win. Season 10’s win was far more compelling. Season 10 reduces to a 1, which is compatible to his Life Path, and that was in 2010, which reduces to a 3, which is a Natural Match. His Personal Month was a 3, another Natural Match . His Personal Year was a 7, which is compatible with his Attitude Number. Nicole’s Life Path number was compatible with Derek’s Life Path number and also compatible with his Attitude Number, making for a powerful connection between them. He and Nicole Scherzinger ran away with this one.

Derek’s other wins show basically the same patterns as above, so we won’t reflect on them. Instead, let’s move on to look at last season with Maksim Chermkovskiy and Meryl Davis. For years, the mirrorball eluded Maks, but in Season 18, it was his! Let’s examine Maks and Meryl’s numbers compared with those of their closest competitors, Derek Hough/Amy Purdy, and Mark Ballas/Candace Cameron Bure. Head down to Chart #3.

Chart #34

By now, you should be able to read this on your own — but just in case — I’ll summarize the numbers for you from Chart #3. ☺ Adding up all the Natural Match numbers (3 points), and compatible numbers (2 points), and challenging numbers (1 point), we arrive at the following totals.

• Maks/Meryl = 37
• Derek/Amy = 33
• Mark/Candace = 27

Well, well, well! The numbers speak for themselves, don’t they? Can you see why Maks and Meryl won? Just on the Personal Year and Personal Month alone (columns 9 -10), Meryl and Maks were the strongest couple with three Natural Matches. Derek and Amy had two; Mark and Candace had none. If we look just at the night of the Finals (column 11), we see that Maks and Meryl also had two compatibles, with Derek and Amy having only one, and Mark and Candace again having none. Also, for the night of the Finals, we see that Mark and Candace had two challenging numbers, while Derek and Amy had only one. Mark and Candace ended up in third place as a result.

The Season Number, which was 9, and the Year Number, which was 6 (columns 7-8), were not as strong for Mark and Candace as it was for the two other couples. All in all, it’s rather obvious now, isn’t it, who was going to win? So are you ready to look at our remaining Season 19 couples in the same way? Chart #4 has those results. I’ll meet you down there.

Chart #45

In Chart #4, take a look at the results (columns 14-20). Adding up all the Natural Match numbers (3 points), and compatible numbers (2 points), and challenging numbers (1 point), we arrive at the totals below. Very, very tight! The margins are not as wide as what we saw in Season 18, are they?

Columns 14-20
• Janel / Val = 20 + 11 = 31
Sadie / Mark = 21 + 13 = 34
• Bethany / Derek = 21 + 11 = 32
• Alfonso / Witney = 19 + 11 = 30

Okay, let’s take a look at the same considerations that we studied for the Season 18 couples. Based on the Personal Year and the Personal Month (columns 16-17), the strongest pairing ends up being Derek and Bethany, because they have three Natural Matches, compared to the two that the other couples have.

On the night of the Finals, all the couples are strong (column 18), so that does not help us in our predicting. Looking at the Results Show (column 19), we see a lot of challenging numbers, however Sadie and Witney have one Natural Match each, and now Derek and Bethany don’t look as strong. And notice that Janel and Val both have two challenging numbers, just like Derek and Bethany. In terms of competition placement, will Derek and Bethany place ahead of Janel and Val due to Derek’s strong Personal Year and Personal Month and Bethany’s strong Personal Month?

You know, on paper, Janel and Val look to be stronger than Alfonso and Witney (columns 14-16), but will they be eliminated anyway due to the two challenging numbers they both have on the night of the Results (column 19)? Looking at who has the most Natural Matches in all the columns, we see that Sadie and Mark are the strongest. Remember, Maks and Meryl had the most in their season.

Can you see now why I say that numerology is as much an “art” as a science? The “science” is in how the numbers are determined; the “art” is in how to read them to make an educated prediction. ☺

Oh, and just to muddy the waters a bit more (You wanted more muddied waters, didn’t you? ☺), I would like to throw in a little astrology for you Derek fans. I’ve written an extensive write up about his year. This man is having a really good year astrologically. Does that mean that this will continue and that there is another mirrorball in his future? Could be! If you’re interested, head on over to PureDerekHough.

And last, but not least, one more ingredient to throw in the mix is the concept of lucky Name Numbers. When we add up the vowels and consonants that form a person’s name, we get a Name Number. Certain numbers and certain combinations of numbers are considered to be luckier than others for winning. The numbers 5, 6, and 8 are lucky winning numbers, especially the more you have of them in your name. Also, if you have any combination of these numbers “together”, such as 55, or 56, or 58, or 86, etc., you tend to be particularly lucky.

So who are our lucky couples? Other than Mark, they all have some lucky numbers. Janel, Val, Sadie, and Derek have double numbers, 55, 55, 65, and 86 respectively, including some other single lucky numbers. But, oh my! Look at Alfonso. He has triple numbers, 665, and Witney has two sets of double numbers, 55 and 65. Hmmm. My, oh my!

Name Chart6

What an extensive lesson we’ve had in numerology! Is your head spinning? We’ve examined quite a few numbers in this blog, and we’ve come full circle, haven’t we? With so many factors to consider, and with the “duality” that I’ve mentioned several times, perhaps, you’re thinking that it just might come down to whose fans are going to pull some all-nighters, voting like crazy. And…you know what? You just might be right. ☺ Weeeee’ll seeeeee!

And now – time for your final exam! ☺ ☺ ☺ Okay, from everything we’ve studied these last two weeks, which couple do you think will prevail? Only one answer allowed, class! There can only be one winner, you know? ☺ So who will it be?

Let us know what you think in the comments below. And, hey, thanks for reading!

Based on numerology by Glynis McCants.

Vogue: Ready now for some Astrology findings for the four finalists? If so, keep reading so we can confuse you some more 🙂 ….

Bethany and Derek

Bethany – Scorpio a Water Sing (Born November 7, 1995 and in The Week Of Depth)
Strengths: Serious, Steadfast, Seductive

Derek – Taurus an Earth Sign (Born May 17, 1985 and in The Week Of The Natural)
Strengths: Fun Loving, Adventuresome, Imaginative (For more on Derek, see Dona’s Astrology post at Pure Derek Hough.)

Strengths Together: Humorous, Nurturing, Dependable

A Taurus and a Scorpio may be different in many ways, but, they also couldn’t be more passionate individuals. They may need to work at communication in the beginning and both are head strong, but, whenever faced with adversity, both signs are meticulous about over coming anything including any communication gaps. They find a way and will work hard and will do whatever it takes for success despite hardships and challenges. In fact, there is nothing either like more than a “challenge” (sound familiar Derek fans?). Coincidentally, Bethany shares the same birthday as Derek’s Season 18 partner Amy Purdy. It’s remarkable that both Amy and Bethany have both been “inspirational” and passionate individuals in different ways. They’ve had their life struggles, but, both have come out on top. And look at their eyes. Although different in color, both can deeply penetrate you with them just like a true Scorpion. And then there are the eyes of a “Bull”. I say no more. 😀

Sadie And Mark

Sadie – Gemini an Air Sign (Born June 17, 1997 in The Week Of The Seeker)
Strengths: Exploritory, Risk-Taking, Business-wise

Mark – Gemini an Air Sign (Born May 24, 1986 in The Cusp Of Energy)
Strengths: Versatile, Active, Brilliant

Strengths Together: Unique, Intuitive, Psychic Gifts

These two signs can find each other mutually fascinating from the get go. This duo’s focus is fire, intuition, warmth, creativity, and a sense of joy for each other and the world …and they have these traits in spades being they share the same sign. What’s more, both are highly adjustable, fun loving, as well as edgy in terms of their personality traits and temperament. Those born under this sign are also considered to be talented, entertaining, intellectual, resourceful, and loved by all. When challenged, they are keen at finding their way through significant challenges and tight schedules presented by life and they can even change personalities to do it. I love this sign. Can you tell? Our beloved Miss Heidi is a Gemini.

Alfonso And Witney

Alfonso – Virgo an Earth Sign (Born September 21, 1971 in The Cusp Of Beauty)
Strengths: Aesthetic, Sensuous, Harmonious

Witney – Libra an Air Sign (Born October 17, 1993 in The Week Of The Theatre)
Strengths: Worldly, Hard-Driving, Knowledgable

Strengths Together: Sharing, Inspiring, Radiant

These two signs can be a mixed bag. Watch out for some clashes and trust issues with these two. Librans are fun loving and thrill seeking by nature. In turn, they can find Virgos generally to have a limited approach towards life. However, when they have work or career connections, no matter how brief, they are known to have an unusually high degree of inspiration and collaboration that compliments the two. Rarely will either hold back from giving the other the best that they can give. Is this what we’re seeing in Alfonso and Witney? It sure seems like it…and they truly do “radiate” out there on the dance floor together, don’t they?!

Janel and Val

Janel – Scorpio a Water Sign (Born October 30, 1988 and in The Week Of Intensity)
Strengths: Truthful, Discurning, Single-Minded

Val – Aries a Fire Sign (Born March 24, 1986 and in The Cusp Of Rebirth)
Strengths – Solid, Powerful, Lavish

Strengths Together: Affectionate, Ethical, Serious

Interestingly enough instant ‘love at first sight’ is something that can happen straight up with an Arian and a Scorpio. Both of these signs can gravitate towards one another. They are very passionate and energetic people. However, the chemistry between two dynamic sun signs could be very difficult and challenging too being things can get explosive. Both want to control the other. This relationship can suffer from domination and ego. Though if (and I say “if”?) both can find that perfect harmony and equilibrium with each other, watch out. They can sail with one another especially if they have a common sense of purpose.

So, here are some other findings to give you more to think about…

Dancing With The Stars Mirror Ball Astrology Scorecard:

1st: Taurus (Earth sign) – 9 Mirror Balls
(Derek Hough – 5, Cheryl Burke – 2, Emmit Smith – 1, Helio Castroneves-1)

2nd: Cancer (Water sign) – 7 Mirror Balls (Julianne Hough – 2, Peta Murgatroyd – 1, Kristi Yamaguchi – 1, Nicole Scherzinger – 1, Kelly Pickler – 1, Tony Dovolani – 1)

3rd: Gemini (Air sign) – 5 Mirror Balls (Mark Ballas – 2, Kelly Monaco – 1, Apolo Ohno -1, JR Martinez – 1)

4th: Capricorn (Earth sign)- 4 Mirror Balls ( Maks Chmerkovskiy – 1, Meryl Davis – 1, Karina Smirnoff – 1, Shawn Johnson – 1)

5th: Leo (Fire sign) – 3 Mirror Balls (Kym Johnson – 2, Drew Lachey – 1)

6th: Aries (Fire sign) – 2 Mirror Balls ( Alec Mazo – 1, Jennifer Grey – 1)
Aquarius (Air sign) – 2 Mirror Balls (Donald Driver – 1, Amber Riley – 1)
Pisces (Water sign) – 2 Mirror Balls (Hines Ward – 1, Melissa Rycroft – 1)

7th: Virgo (Earth sign) – 1 Mirror Ball (Brooke Burke – 1)
Sagittarius (Fire sign) – 1 Mirror Ball (Donny Osmond – 1)

8th: Libra (Air sign)- 0 Mirror Balls
Scorpio (Water sign) – 0 Mirror Balls

More interesting Dancing With The Stars Astrology facts:

– Note above how a Libra and a Scorpio have never won a season on Dancing With The Stars. Janel and Bethany are both Scorpio. Witney is a Libra. Could we see one of these signs take the Mirror Ball for the first time this season or will the opposite stay true?

– The Earth signs have won the most Mirror Balls at 14. The Water signs have won 9 Mirror Balls. The Air signs have won 7 Mirror Balls. The Fire signs have won 6 Mirror Balls. Will it be another Earth sign to win again since it dominates?

– Two pairings with the same sign combinations have won Dancing With The Stars in the past….Emmit Smith and Cheryl Burke (both Taurus, Earth sign) in Season 3 and Maks Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis (both Capricorn, Earth sign) in Season 18. Could the same happen to Sadie and Mark this time since they are both Gemini’s (air sign)? Other interesting Combo mentions:

Laila Ali and Maks Chmerkovskiy – Both Capricorns and won 3rd place in Season 4
Kirstie Alley and Maks Chmerkovskiy – Both Capricorns and won 2nd place in Season 12
Mark Ballas and Aly Raisman – Both Gemini’s and placed 4th in Season 16.

So, which Astrology pairings seem to have the strongest chances to win Dancing With The Stars Season 18? I tend to think it’s Bethany & Derek or Sadie & Mark. I feel that way about Dona’s Numerology too. Then again, there is so much “duality” in her findings. Then there is the “radiance” astrological factor for Alfonso and Witney to consider…and what about the “common sense of purpose” factor for Val and Janel? Oh man, I’m so confused this time? 😯 Let us know what you think and thanks so much for reading!! xx

Sources: Horoscopes Love Eu, The Secret Language Of Relationships, Linda Goodman’s “Sunsigns”