DWTS Season 19 The FINALE – Night 1!! Let’s discuss tonight’s show! (Spoilers)

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Power rankings will be coming up later tonight and the final “Dancing by the Numbers” should go up around noon eastern time tomorrow. Just FYI.

Artem, you ain’t all that. Love how the camera cut away before he could get his shirt all the way off. 🙂

And of course, production completely blows the start to Bethany’s dance, throwing her off. Jaysus people this is the finale. WTF is wrong with you??

Derek, you have more class in your little finger that most of the people do in their in their entire bodies.

Already playing up the Janel sympathy card. Guess she had to compete with Alfonso.

Love this Sadie Samba even more the second time around. 🙂 Slightly out of sync there near the beginning, but the overlook it for Janel….

Sadie’s brother is just a doll. Yes, I am Mrs. Robinson. 🙂

Oh, Julianne, please no. How about focusing on her TECHNIQUE?? Lord knows Val could use some tips on how not to drag Janel across the floor.

That dance was…weird. It was no better than Sadie’s (at all) but I expect her to get raves. Well, thank god for Bruno.

For the newbies, this is two weeks later than when the judges NORMALLY get real. Somehow I doubt they will be REALLY real. And Julianne is definitely on TeamDWTS, mentioning PLL for them.

Wow. Fair. Proving me slightly wrong at every turn.

Food for thought: three of the final four pros are going on tour, as is at least one of the final celebs. Nothing like motive for boosting people to the final. Just sayin’.

Man. Alfonso is so F@#king GOOD!! He killed it!! Amazing. He tears of his freestyle like that and he may have it in the bag.

Okay, Derek’s outfit is worth the price of admission. Wow. Where’s my wine…

Okay, that kicked ass and it was different from any freestyle that Derek’s done before. And BRAVE Bethany – coulda cracked her head open on that one.

Super cute freestyle from Sadie. There were a couple points where Sadie was off time, but I sense they missed it.

Well, sorry, Val, but this is a fail. I’ve seen this dance half a dozen times now. After Bethany and Sadie, you get zero points for creativity.

Good to see the Chmerkovskiy crutch of walking/stairs is alive and well.

Seriously CAI?? Let’s be real.

Come on Alfonso, Kick it’s ass.

Great freestyle…I was kinda expecting more from it, but still awesome. Expecting more is flattering – he’s set his own bar so high. Did they decide not to do the slo mo?? I think that Alfonso pretty much has it in the bag.


And Bethany is eliminated.

All of us predicted it would be close, Janel being the first choice, Bethany the second.

Again, I’m calling the last two standing as Sadie and Alfonso.