DWTS Season 19 The FINALE – Night 2!! Who’s Gonna Win! Discuss – (Spoilers)

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This road to the finals thing is BORING!!

Awww…Sadie has really brought out a nice side of Mark. I’ve really loved them this season.

Trying to actually watch the show a bit….Opening number was rather underwhelming. Well, a lot underwhelming.

That behind the scenes thing…can’t tell if that’s forshadowing an Alfonso loss or a win. Really hard to tell. They’ve gotten so predictable that I actually expect them to be unpredictable. Sadly, I don’t think they’re that smart.

Damn, Bethany actually improved on that amazing freestyle. Best one won, I think, although Sadie and Alfonso weren’t far off.

Is it funny or annoying that they completely edited out the total screw up by production and just made it look like Bethany messed up. Bastards.

Sorry, got distracted by shirtless Derek on All Access. Where are we? 😉

Are all the finalists going to do bumpers? Ah, Tom says yes.

Again, getting totally distracted by the BTS stuff on AllAccess. Watching Derek and Bethany practice their Paso. I’ll pay more attention. Lea dancing now.

That female pro dance was pretty awesome – it would have more impact if Mandy didn’t do one every other week….

Lol Len in the car with Cheech and Chong!!

Loved the thankful video.

Beautiful dance by some of the pros – I think he said choreographed by Emma and tony?

Man, Bethany killed both of her dances tonight!

I spy Britney Cherry dancing with Meghan Trainor. Along with James again. 🙁

Sadie going first? Doing quickstep/samba?? Kinda hosed, but mark gave her some great choreo. And she did great. Going first is the judges a chance to underscore her.

And she’s getting that you didn’t win comments.

Okay it’ll go one of two ways from here. Giving Sadie a perfect score either means she won, or they’re going to give everyone a 40 and let the audience make the call.

Hardest Road possible, Val? Are you on crack?

Where was the fox trot? It was supposed to be Paso foxtrot fusion. And the Chmerkovskiy brothers never managed to do an actual fusion they do one style after the other. Or they leave one style out.

More tens than any other couple because they make glaring mistakes and Julianne doesn’t care. Or Carrie ann doesn’t care. Easy to get lots of tens when your mistakes or overlooked.

Cha cha/AT combo? Hardest combo, best dancer the night. Alfonso definitely deserves to win.

Well, let’s see how this thing shakes out…

Third Place – Janel and Val

And someday people will listen to what we say around these parts. Just sayin’. 🙂 We said 3rd and 4th places were between Janel and Bethany and that Sadie and Alfonso would be the last two standing. If it sounds like I’m saying “I told you so”….it’s because I am. 🙂



Congratulations to Alfonso and Witney…and Sadie and Mark, for that matter.

Alfonso’s crying, Lindsay and Witney are screaming at each other (cute) and Derek is a bit late to lift Witney on his shoulders, but he doesn’t disappoint us yet again. And many kudos to Tony for working with Keo to lift Alfonso on his shoulders.