Will Allison Holker Be back For Dancing With The Stars Season 20?

And the fun continues! Happy Thanksgiving, All!!!

For starters today, Allison Holker has written a new blog at In Touch Weekly. She reflects back on the finale and her first season of Dancing With The Stars. The interesting part is that I think she will be back for Season 20 (yay! Love love love her!). Read on…

It’s such a surreal feeling to stand out on the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ dance floor with so many watching — so last night just moments before the show started, I stood on that dance floor and closed my eyes and just listened to the audience screaming and cheering for the show and everything that it brings — which is happiness, hope, and a chance to do something you didn’t think you could do. “DWTS” brings joy and entertainment right into people’s homes, and I am honored to be a part.

‎Thank you to everyone in the “DWTS” family. You’re truly the best. Season 19 was perfect, and I’m proud of all the work we put out, and congrats to Alfonso and Witney on winning the mirror ball trophy!

What’s next? Well, next season is “DWTS” 10th anniversary! And that will be a celebration you won’t want to miss. See you soon.

More at In Touch Weekly including some pictures of her and tWitch.