PureDWTS20 Watchout: Sherri Shepherd Says She Wants To Dance In DWTS Reunion

Interesting! Did any of you see Sherri Shepherd on The Talk today? At the end of the 4th segment, they talk about her upcoming movie and TV projects. They compliment her about all the doors opening up to her. Then she adds how she’d love to dance with Val in a reunion on Dancing With The Stars too. She wants to help him get that mirror ball. She also wants Wendy Williams to dance so they can go head to head (uhhh, not sure I like that idea 😯 ). Maybe she was just joking and having fun, but, just the way Sherri mentioned it (while talking on her upcoming projects), makes you wonder. In case this might be something in the works for the 10th Anniversary, we thought we better mention it. Thanks to Sandy for the heads up. You can listen to Sherri on The Talk today at this link.

Let’s see what Miss Heidi thinks…

Heidi: Miss Heidi thinks the delusion runs strong in Ms. Shepherd. LOL. What on earth makes her think she can help Val win a MBT if she was eliminated so early the first time?? And go head to head with Wendy William? For what? Last place? Geeeez. Someone buy Sherri a clue. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sherri. But this scenario she’s laying out has got to be a big ole joke because it sure doesn’t sound like a good, plausible idea.