Your All-Star Dream Cast If A Reunion Is In The Works For Dancing With The Stars Season 20

The Sherri Shepherd post and the comments in it, have me wondering about a Dancing With The Stars Re-union or All-Star cast for the 10th Anniversary next season. If this is what producers are planning (and note that nothing is confirmed on this yet. We’re only speculating and discussing the possibility for fun), who would you like to see return for it? Read on before you answer…

Sandy mentioned that an “All-Stars season would only work if the entire cast was evenly stacked. NO past winners mixed in with non-winners, and NO original pairs mixed in with new pairings.”

In the new Pros Wish post, Heidi mentioned the same and that unlike the last all stars and making it more fair for everyone, they should “pick all NON-Winners OR ALL winners. Not a mix of both” and “if they go with Non-winners, then they shouldn’t go lower than 4th place.”

So, thinking on Sandy and Miss Heidi’s scenarios(can we only hope TPTB are thinking on the same lines?) and for fun (in case they are), who would you like to see dance if a Re-Union or All Star cast if something in the works for Dancing With The Stars Season 20? In other words, what would be your All-Star Dream Cast picking only from the “original pairings” and/or from “only winners” and/or only those couples who have placed 4th or higher? Don’t pick anymore than 13 couples. Meet you in comments with my picks!!

ETA: Lori was so gracious enough to put a quick list of top 4 contestants from all of the seasons for us which you could read below for easy referencing. She did not include Season 15 since that was the previous All stars.

*Kelly Monaco/Alec Mazo*
John O’Hurley/Charlotte Jorgensen
Joey McIntyre/Ashly DelGrosso
Rachel Hunter/Jonathan Roberts Read more..