DWTS Season 20 Rumor: Jack Nicholson Returned Call To Dance?

The National Inquirer is reporting Jack Nicholson returned a call to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Be sure to see the link to read the whole story. Can I just say….yeah right. Not!!

So imagine their STUNNED kissers when they scored a major mind-boggler – a courteous return call back from feisty Oscar-winning legend JACK NICHOLSON! Say waaaat?

Giggled an insider: “Producers are shocked Jack even bothered to respond – but it gets better! What he actually said was, ‘I love the show … I’ll think about it.’ Nobody’s totally holding their breath, but they’re mega-excited … because Mr. Mega-Star DID call!”

Heidi: Bwahahahahahaha….so ridiculous, so funny. But let’s day dream for a moment…. Nah. Can’t even daydream about this one. 😀

Vogue: I knew you’d love that one. lol