Pure Dancing With The Stars: “A Tribute To The Troupe”

Lois has written us another fabulous blog for us and this time, she tributes the Dancing With The Stars Troupe and how much it’s evolved. WELL DONE LOIS! Thanks so much. Read on, Everyone…

I became inspired to write this essay one night as I was watching DANCING WITH THE STARS. I usually watch some dances as a way to unwind from my day. I was thinking what a commanding presence The Troupe has become on the show. I decided to give them their due.


A definition of a Dancing Troupe is simply a group of dancers dancing together. However, A TRIBUTE TO A TROUPE encompasses a far-reaching definition. The Troupe has evolved over the seasons into an integral, important, incredible group!

The Troupe first appeared in Season 12. They played a more back-up role in their first seasons. But, Read more..